Ella-Rose Hughes is a luthorian politician, businesswoman and the founding member of the Left for Progress Party. She lead the LP's regional office in Orange. But she have a more important position within the party - she is the leader of the internal Centrist Fraction.

She is not a leftist politician. She is a morally progressive and economical liberal and capitalist person.

Born Edit

She born in Fort William. Her father was a businessman, her mother was unemployed. She have an older brother William Hughes, who also a politician and a businessman.

Early Life Edit

He went to primary school and high school in Fort William. When she was sixteen she realized that she is a lesbian. She had excommunications and got taunts because her sexual identity. Because of it she don't went to university in Fort William, instead she went to the morally progressive Clamfeld Republic University.

Business Carrier Edit

After the studies in the University, she formed the Hughes Huge Ltd. (HH) with his brother what fight for LGBTQ-rights. After the HH, she became a larger shareholder of the Fort Rail company what the largest corporation of Luthori. She is a millionaire.

Political Carrier Edit

She was the founding member of the Left for Progress Party at December, 4728.

Before the The Second Congress of the Delegates, she formed the internal Centrist Fraction with business people and centrist, capitalist, liberal politicians within the LP.

She's biggest political success is the won of the 'endorse-vote' at the Early Fourth Congress.

Private Life Edit

She is lesbian. Her girlfriend is Annabelle Solomon.

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