Elyon, also referred to as God or the Lord among Yeudis and Hosians, as Akim among Ahmadis and commonly referred to as God is the supreme divine being worshipped in the Qedarite Religions. Originating as the God of the Yeudi people in Squibble and later in Beiteynu, God is revered throughout today's world as Hosianism and Ahmadism have extended his worship to non-Yeudis. Although the Qedarite faiths have very different accounts of His worship and role, they nevertheless attribute the same characteristics to Him, among them omnipotence, omniscience, mercy and justice.

Names of GodEdit

According to their interpretation of God's Ten Commandments, the Yeudis have traditionally not been allowed to speak the name of their God. Instead, the custom developed that they substituted Elyon (the Highest) or Adonai (the Lord) where the name of God was mentioned in their scriptures. In daily speech, the Yeudis developed several other epithets for their God. Hosians and Ahmadis have shown a preference towards referring to Elyon as "the Lord", reflected in the use of the epithet for Eliyahu in Hosianism and the Brmek translation "Akim" in Ahmadism.

Hosians have derived several other names from the Annunciation, among them "The Eternal".

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