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Empress of Hulstria
Henry Coat of Arms.PNG
Coat of Arms of the Empreror of Hulstria
Sophie lll
Style Her Imperial & Most Illustrious Luthoran Majesty
Heir Apparent Prince Christian ll
First Monarch Franz I
Type: Duel Royalty (both Queen and King have power)
First Formation of Monarchy August 3rd, 1650
Dynasty Rothingren-Traugott

Emperor/ress of Hulstria, is the title of the reigning Monarch in Greater Hulstria. Many times the titles Emperor/ress of Greater Hulstria or Kaiser/in of Hulstria/Greater Hulstria are also used to mean the same person. The title first came into use after the successful revolt of the Hulstria from the Holy Luthori Empire's colonial rule. The Hulstrian Diet coronated Fieldmarshall Franz von Rothingren, Franz I Emperor of Hulstria. The title was held continuously by his descendents until 2117 when the country fell into anarchy. It was unofficially revived when Klaus Gustav III, Holy Gishoton Emperor came to the throne in 2198 as Holy Gishoton Emperor. While technically not Emperor of Hulstria, he had Imperial lineage and was enumerated as such. The title itself however was not officially restored until April 4th, 2375 when Rudolph III assumed the throne. Since then the title has continued to be used with only one brief interruption from May 7th, 2484, when Rudolph IV was forced from the throne, o August 3 2,551, when his son Ferdinand I retook the throne. The title since has not seen any interruptions.

Hulstrian Crown Jewels[]

The Kaiser and Kaiserine's Crown Jewels include

Kaiserine's Tiara:[]

Kaiserine Annemarie's Tiara would be specifically made for her after the previous Empress tiara was stolen. She wore it all the time. She passed it down to Sophie the First.

Kaiserine Annemarie with her Tiara on her wedding day

Crown Jewels of the Hulstrian Empire:[]

The Kaiser wears a crown only in special circumstances such as national events and coronation etc. The crown is heavy and uncomfortable to wear however he still uses it. It was created for Franz l. It was presented by the Imperial Diet in 1650. The Kaiserine also gets her own crown however she uses the tiara a lot more than the heavy crown.

The Kaiserine Crown (Right) The Kaiser Crown (Center) and the Kaisers Orb. Behind is the Kaisers Sceptre

List of Emperors[]

House of Rothingren[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Rudolf.jpg Franz I 1650 1676
RudolphIHulstria.jpg Rudolph I 1676 1681
MaximilianIofHulstri10.jpg Maxmilian I 1681 1732
Henrietta I.jpg Henrietta I
with Balthazar I(1735 - 1750)
1732 1756

House of Traugott[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Balthazar IHulstria.jpg Balthazar I
with Henrietta I
1735 1750

House of Rothingren-Traugott[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
RainerIHulstriaPortrait.png Rainer I 1756 1777
KarlIofHulstriaFormalPortrait.png Karl I 1777 1814
FranzIIHulstria.jpg Franz II 1814 1835
SebastianIHulstria.jpg Sebastian I 1835 1848
KlausGustavIPortrait11.jpg Klaus Gustav I 1848 1916
KlemensIofHulstriaPainting1.jpg Klemens I 1916 1920
RainerIIofHulstriaPainting2.jpg Rainer II 1920 1941
FranzIIIHulstria.jpg Franz III 1941 1967
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Maximilian II
Contested by Dominik I
March 1967 August 1967
DominikIHulstria.jpg Dominik I
Contested by Maximilian II
August 1967 April 1968
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Maximilian II April 1968 June 1968
RudolphIIofHulstria3.jpg Rudolph II 1968 1999
Klaus GustavIIHulstria.jpg Klaus Gustav II 1999 2003
FranzIVHulstria.jpg Franz IV July 2003 October 2003
KarlIIofHulstria2.jpg Karl II 2003 2004
Emperor3.jpg Maximilian III 2004 2046
KonradIofHulstriaPainting1.jpg Konrad I 2046 2072
MaximilianIVofHulstriaNew1.jpg Maximilian IV 2072 2074
RainerIIIofHulstriaPortrait9.jpg Rainer III 2074 2116
MaximilianVHulstria.jpg Maximilian V 2116 2117

Following the assassination of Maximilian V by Gao-Showa extremists, the Hulstrian Empire fell in decades of anarchy, called the "Dark Period".

House of Rothingren-Traugott, Holy Gishoton Emperor[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Klaus Gustav III.jpg Klaus Gustav III 2198 2248

At the time, Monarchists who fled the Communist purges and refused to recognize the Communist Regime considered Percival, Klaus Gustav III's only surviving son to be Hulstrian Emperor. However because Percival technically abdicated his claim on the throne once he gained assylum in Rildanor, modern historians do not count him as a Monarch.

House of Rothingren-Traugott, Second Restoration[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Rudolph III.jpg Rudolph III 2375 2396
RainerIV2.png Rainer IV 2396 2426
KarlIIIofHulstriaPainting1.jpg Karl III 2426 2473
FranzVHulstria.jpg Franz V 2473 2474
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Maximilian VI January 2474 July 2474
Rudolph IV 2.jpg Rudolph IV 2474 2484

Rudolph IV was ousted by Communist Revolutionaries, and fearing that the fate of Klaus Gustav III would befall he and his family, the Imperial Family fled to the Holy Luthori Empire where he took up his claim on the Luthori Throne, though not until his descendent Heinrich I would the Rothingrens realize this goal.

House of Rothingren-Traugott, Third Restoration[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Ferdinand I.jpg Ferdinand I 2551 2559
Klemens II.jpg Klemens II 2559 2593
GodricIofHulstria12.jpg Godric I 2593 2606
Rudolph V.jpg Rudolph V 2606 2647
Henry I Navy.png Heinrich I 2647 2714
HeinrichIIofHulstriaPortrait2.png Heinrich II 2714 2747
FranzVI1.jpg Franz VI 2747 2798
EmperorAlexanderIHulstria.jpg Alexander I 2798 2814
GodricIIofHulstriaPortrait12.png Godric II 2814 2856
EmperorKlausGustavIVofHulstria.jpg Klaus Gustav IV 2856 2892
EmperorMaximilianVIIofHulstria.jpg Maximilian VII 2892 2906
PaintingofKaiserFerdinandII99.png Ferdinand II 2906 2977
RainerVofHulstriaPainting2.png Rainer V 2977 3000
LeopoldIofHulstriaOfficialPortrait.jpg Leopold I 3000 3037
GodricIIIofHulstriaOfficialPortrait1.jpg Godric III 3037 3076
HeinrichIIIofHulstriaPortrait.jpg Heinrich III 3076 3119
ElderAlexanderIIPortrait.jpg Alexander II 3119 3147
FranzVIIofHulstriaFormalPortrait.jpg Franz VII 3147 3201
FormalPortraitFriedrichIofHulstria2.png Friedrich I 3201 3242
FormalPortraitKarlIVofHulstria.jpg Karl IV 3242 3308
Leopold II 3308 3320
Loool kaiser.jpeg
Klaus Gustav V 3320 3330
Isabelle l 3330 3380
Klaus Gustav VI 3380 3411

The House of Rothingren-Traugott was forced to abdicate the throne of Gao-Soto shortly after the Crowns were split. Soon after, in 3411, the Imperial Socialist Party seized power, instituting a totalitarian Zen Socialist regime and taking Emperor Klaus Gustav VI prisoner. He was freed by the Septembrists in 3416 and returned to the Throne of Hulstria.

House of Rothingren-Traugott, Fourth Restoration[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Klaus Gustav VI 3416 3423
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Franz Leopold I 3423 3467
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Maximilian VIII 3467 3489
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Franz Leopold II 3489 3513
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Maximilian IX 3513 3543
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Maximilian X 3543 3576
OttoI.jpg Otto I 3576 3613
JosephineI.jpg Josephine I 3613 3660
Henrietta II 3660 3735
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Otto II 3735 3789

House of Yukio-Labsburg[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Mizuki 3789 3840
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Gotofurīdo 3840 3854

A short-lived republic was instaurated in 3854

House of Yukio-Labsburg, Restoration[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Gotofurīdo 3858 3869
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Riitō 3869 3893
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Amaterasu 3893 3902

The Yukio-Labsburgs were overthrown by the Bailon-Gölsbergs.

House of Bailon-Gölsberg[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Karl V 3902 3905

Karl V granted power back to the Rothingren-Traugotts, becoming hereditary Archchancellor.

House of Rothingren-Traugott, Fifth Restoration[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Franz VIII 3905 3915

From 3915 to 3931, the Empire was led by the Oberbefehlshaber.

House Ōtsuka[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Tsubaki 3931 3972

House Labsburg[]

The House of Yukio-Labsburg was restored under the name of House Labsburg by the Hulstrian Party regime and the Mikuni-Hulstrian Empire reformed into the Hulstrian Empire.

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Beatrice 4268 4307

The House of Labsburg was deposed in the Second September Revolution and the House of Rothingren-Traugott-Okatori installed as Hulstrian Emperors under the dual monarchy.

House of Rothingren-Traugott-Okatori[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
OttoIII.jpg Otto III 4307 4358
HeinrichIV.jpg Heinrich IV 4358 4369

Amidst the chaos of a Communist uprising, the House of Yukio-Labsburg was returned to the throne.

House of Yukio-Labsburg, Second Restoration[]

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Karel Adorufu Wilhelm I 4369 4377
Alexa Adorufu 4377 4389

The monarchy was overthrown and replaced by a republic in 4389. Following the collapse of the Federal Republic, the Dual Monarchy was restored and the House of Rothingren-Traugott-Okatori returned to the throne in 4406.

House of Rothingren-Traugott-Okatori, Third Restoration[]

House of Rothingren-Traugott-Okatori

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
OttoIV.jpg Otto IV 4406 4415
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Friedrich II 4415 4450
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Balthazar II 4450 4471
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Friedrich III 4471 4500
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Friedrich IV 4500 4527
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Friedrich V 4527 4549

House of Rothingren-Traugott 5th Restoration[]

Hulstrian Sub-Branch of the House of Rothingren-Traugott

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Kaiser Hans Friedrick Albert lll

Kaiserine Annemarie l

4560-4584 Currently Reigning in a Dual Monarchy. Both monarchs have the same power.

Sophie l

Charles l

4584-4620(In Exile) 4620-4634
Prinz rainer Vl.jpg
Rainer Vl(Prince In Exile) 4634-4675 (In Exile) Never Married but has legitimate Children
Sophie ll 4675-4724 The First Child of Rainer lV to Accept the Throne (Accepted at the age of 18)
Karl 6.jpg
Karl lV (Prince) 4724-4779 (Spent all of his life in Dolgavia in exile with the Dolgavian monarchy)
Rainier Vll

(Prince in Exile) 4779-4856

Sophie lll 4856-Present

Full Titulary[]

Emperor of Hulstria, His Royal Northern Higness Great Prince of Trigunia, Lord Protector of the Eastern Territories, King of Mitrania and Budenlar; Grand Duke of Hilgar and Kuratha, Elector of Tinako; Prince-Royal of Alduria; Prince-Royal of Luthori; Palatine of Phönix and Flieder; Duke of Marchau, Straussia, and Traugott; Grand Duke of Malchik, Tirvoslavl, & Stary Kautsky; Grand Prince of Vorm; Margrave of New Yodukan, New Luthor, and New Liore; Grand Duke of Belgae; Princely Count of Rothingren, Graaffsberg, and Veilchen; Prince of Hennersdam and Korriel

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Geography Dovani, Great North Dovani Plain, Schnee-Berge Mountains
Demographics Gao-Showa, Gao-Showa Clans, Hulstrian, Kunihito, Kunikata, Hulstro-Showans, Hulstro-Mikun, Draddwyr
Culture National Anthems: Land of our Fathers, The Call of Hulstria, For all eternity, For the Monarchy, The Revolution ne'er can yield, Golden Empire
Religion Daenism, Hosianism, Jienism, Orinco Polytheism, Kamism
Administrative Divisions Empire of Hulstria: Budenlar: Labsburg | Hulstria: Kien | Kuratha: Marchau
Empire of Gao-Soto: Hilgar: Miyako, Veilchen | Mitrania: Graaffsberg, Mitrania Highlands National Park | Ostland
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Primary Noble Houses: House of Flieder, Okatori Clan, House of Strauss, House of Rothingren
Palaces: Fliederbrunn Palace, Phönixstein Castle
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Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria Monarch: Franz VII • Heir Apparent: Prince Klaus Gustav • Dynasty: House of Rothingren-Traugott
Holy Luthori Empire Monarch: Siegmund II • Heir Apparent: ??? • Dynasty: House of Orange-Villayn
Alduria Monarch: Siegmund II • Heir Apparent: ??? • Dynasty: House of Orange-Villayn
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