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| first_monarch = [[Edward III of Luthori & I of Mordusia|Edward III]]
| first_monarch = [[Edward III of Luthori & I of Mordusia|Edward III]]
| last_monarch = Otto V
| last_monarch = Otto V
| formation = 3185
| formation = 2790
| abolition = 2049
| abolition = 3185
| residence = [[Mordus Castle]]
| residence = [[Mordus Castle]]

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Emperor of Mordusia
House of Orange-Villayn

Style: His Majesty
First monarch: Edward III
Last monarch: Otto V
Formation: 2790
Abolition: 3185
Residence: Mordus Castle

The Emperor of Mordusia is the monarch of Mordusia. The throne of Mordusia can, according to Mordusian law, only be occupied by a descendant of Emperor Mordus I. Currently the only royal family in the world that can hold this seat is the House of Orange-Villayn which its full title is the House of Orange-Villayn-Rothingren-Traugott-Sayon-Mordus. The House of Sayon-Mordus is the original royal house of Mordusia. The House of Orange-Villayn obtained the title of Sayon-Mordus upon Edward III's marriage to Princess Elizabeth of Mordusia (who's full name was Princess Elizabeth Sayon-Modrus).

Efforts have been made to circumvent the law, installing a "King of Mordusia" which is a lesser title than the Emperor of Mordusia and has succeeded several times. The aristocracy of Luthori and Mordusia have largely ignored claims of the non-dynastic members to the throne of the Emperor. According to records officially, the House of Orange-Villayn-Rothingren-Traugott-Sayon-Mordus is considered to be extinct.

List of Emperor's of MordusiaEdit

3185-PresentSiegmund II of Luthori & Mordusia & I of AlduriaHouse of Orange-Villayn
Philip II3139-3185 Philip I of Mordusia & II of LuthoriHouse of Orange-Villayn
Siegmund I3093-3139Siegmund I of Luthori & MordusiaHouse of Orange-Villayn
Reinhard I3000-3093Reinhard I of Luthori, Alduria & Mordusia House of Orange-Villayn
Maximilian IV2985-3000Maximilian IV of Luthori & I of Alduria House of Orange-Villayn
GustavusIIPainting2961-2985Gustavus II of Luthori & AlduriaHouse of Orange-Villayn
George III2902-2961George III of Luthori & I of Alduria and Mordusia House of Orange-Villayn
Henry II22870-2902Henry II of Luthori & Alduria & I of Mordusia House of Orange-Villayn
WilliamIVLuthori2826-2870William IV of Luthori and Alduria House of Orange-Villayn
Edward III2790-2826 Edward III of Luthori & I of Alduria & Mordusia House of Orange-Villayn
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