Felipe, Emperor of Zardugal
Style His Imperial Majesty
First Monarch Augustus the Great
First Formation of Monarchy 402
Current Ruling Dynasty House of Bourvonne

The Emperor of Zardugal and Sovereign of Zardugalians is the traditional and official title used by the current monarch of the The Great Empire of Zardugal. It was once Emperor and Autocrat of the Augustans, used by those claiming political descent from Augustus the Great and the empire he established. More specifically the title referred to the monarchs of the medieval Augustan Empire (392-1401), a long-lasting and influential empire that ruled most of the south of Majatra for more than a millennium, and from which the political, religious, and cultural traditions of most south Majatran nations stem. Although the title became defunct with the collapse of the Augustan Empire, its influence and former glory granted the title a very prestigious status as a universal monarchy. Historically, the Czar of Deltaria claimed continuity with the Augustan Emperors without claiming the title itself, and the Augustan imperial title was eventually revived in modern times. The first one is with the establishment of the New Augustan Empire, whose head of state was titled Emperor of the Augustans, elected by the Imperial Senate, the legislative of the Empire, from among the Empire's citizens. The last Emperor of the modern empire was Temrkai Khan after his defeat of the empire in the Jelbic-Augustan Wars. After that the title became more a prize to be won in battle, with little concern for traditional legitimacy, as a result of which monarchs of Vanuku and Barmenia claimed the title after military intervention in Zardugal. Wishing to put an end to the use of the title as a pretext for military conflict, Zardugal created the Imperial Throne of the Augustans in 4074 in the aftermath of the Tokundian War of Independence, with an Emperor as its head but with direct sovereignty limited to a number of symbolic buildings in the city of Aŭgusta. The second revival and revision of the title is with the birth of The Great Empire of Zardugal after a constitutional amendment changed the republic into a constitutional monarchy and proclaimed President Felipe Bourvonne as the Emperor.

The full current title being used by Felipe I is Emperor of La Granda Imperio de Zardugal, Sovereign of the Zardugalians, Defender of Faith, Protector of Laws, Great Steward of the Five Archduchies, Supreme Commander-In-Chief of the Imperial Armed Forces, Grand Master of the Order of Dukapo Aglo, Head of the House of Bourvonne. As the Empire under the Felipean era grew, he also became the Shah of Barmenistan, Sultan of Kafuristan, Apostolic King of Endralon, King of Cobura, Czar of Kizenia, Kaiser of Cildania, etc.

Old Augustan EmpireEdit

Main article: Augustan Empire

Dioclid Dynasty (392-896)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Augustus Great Augustus II
the Great
392 433
Cassander Cassander I 433 485
Lysander Lysander I 485 501
Alexius Alexius I 501 527
Theodosius Theodosius I 527 563
Zeno Zeno I 563 588
Constantinus Constantine I 588 604
Iustinus Iustinus I 604 631
Mauricius Mauricius I 631 666
Heraclius Heraclius I 666 692
Iustinus II Iustinus II 692 714
Cassander II Cassander II 714 754
Leo Leo I 754 786
Michael Emperor Michael I 786 804
Caesar I Caesar I 804 815
Basil I Basil I 815 831
Zeno II Zeno II 831 856
Theodosius II Theodosius II 856 884
Caesar II Caesar II 884 896

One Hundred Years' Anarchy (896-1007)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Isaac I Isaac I 896 902
Michael ii Michael II 902 908
Andronicus i Andronicus I 908 915
Constantine ii Constantine II 915 923
Michael iii Michael III 923 924
Pachomius Pachomius 924 929
Philippus i Philippus I 929 938
Zeno iii Zeno III 938 945
Isaac ii Isaac II 945 948
Anastasius i Anastasius I 948 949
Basil ii Basil II 949 955
Cassander iii Cassander III 955 957
Tiberius i Tiberius I 957 960
Leo ii Leo II 960 967
Basil iii Basil III 967 972
Michael iv Michael IV 972 978
Anastasius ii Anastasius II 978 982
Ambesus Ambesus 982 988
Theodorus i Theodorus I 988 990
Leo iii Leo III 990 996
Tiberius ii Tiberius II 996 1001
Andronicus ii Andronicus II 1001 1007

Caesarian Dynasty (1007-1125)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Caesar iii Caesar III
the Great
1007 1045
Caesarion Caesarion 1045 1078
Irene i Irene I 1078 1094
Leo IV Leo IV 1094 1114
Theodora i Theodora I 1114 1125

Egatan Dynasty (1125-1268)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Alexander i Alexander I
the Egatan
1125 1143
Michael v Michael V 1143 1167
Andronicus iii Andronicus III 1167 1192
Leo v Leo V 1191 1204
Theodora ii Theodora II 1204 1231
Anthony emperor Anthony 1231 1246
Constantine iii Constantine III 1246 1268

Valerian Dynasty (1268-1316)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Constantine iv Constantine IV Valerius 1268 1272
Michael vi Michael VI Valerius 1272 1287
Anastasius iii Anastasius III Valerius 1287 1296
Isaac iii Isaac III Valerius 1296 1316

Alexandrian Dynasty (1316-1401)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Alexander ii Alexander II 1316 1330
Alexander iii Alexander III 1330 1351
Alexander iv Alexander IV 1351 1369
Theodosius iii Theodosius III 1351 1369
Alexander v Alexander V 1369 1384
Alexander vi Alexander VI 1384 1401

New Augustan EmpireEdit

House of Lagojno (3607-3642)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Theodosio IV Theodosio IV 3607 3642

House of Heraklito (3642-3645)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Temrkai Khan Nikandro I 3642 3645

House of Banmek-Sntazed (3805-3815)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
BH2jqqt Laŭrenco 3805 3811
Kezkai Caesar IV 3811 3815

House of Alexandra (3983-3984)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Antono Antono I 3983 3984

House of Banmek-Sntazed (3984-3986)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Juhniii Ioannes I (claimant) 3984 3986

Kings of the Augustans, House of Nasir (3985-4038)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Bust of Constantius II (Mary Harrsch) (1) Calixtus 3985 4031
Male Camera Shy wbgd Constantine 4031 4038

Imperial Throne of the Augustans (4075-4515)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Theodor and Paula Theodoro II & Paŭla I 4075 ?
Herodoto II Herodoto II ? 4515

La Granda Imperio de Zardugal (Grand Empire of Zardugal)Edit

House of Bourvonne (4602–Present)Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
EmperorFelipePortrait Felipe I 4602 Present
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