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Empire of the Jelbic Peoples
Jelbijékaiék Jezknzknstat
يلبييكأييك يزكنزكنستأت
Ѥлбийєкайєк Ѥзкнзкнстат
Յեիբիյէկըյէ Յեզկնզկնստըտ
Rijk der Jelbeks

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

"Jelbijékai ajozuo, Mjtrék Ztarmojad!"
The Horde Marches On
The Khaganate at its greatest extent (3811)
Capital                     Wiel
Largest city            Prinsenaard
Languages             Jelbék, Brmék, Pnték, Vanukeaans, etc.
Denonym                Khaganate
Government           Absolute monarchy
Khagan (Hajánékhaján Jelbijékai)              Kezkai
Heir                 Juhn
Legislature             Council of the Khaganate
- Total                        Unknown
- Per Capita               Unknown
Area                          3,624,300 km²
Population               200,000,000
Currency                 Mark (JJM)
Drives on                 Right
Internet TLD            .jj

The Empire of the Jelbic Peoples (Jelbijékaiék Jezknzknstat), also known as the Khaganate (Hajánékhajánknstat) is a supranational Empire joining together the Jelbic nations of Vanuku, Barmenia, Jelbania, and Pontesi. The Empire was founded in 3777 when Prince Laurens-Wrntukai of Vanuku proclaimed himself, with popular support, "Khagan of the Jelbic Peoples". Owing to a desire for Jelbic unity, all other major Jelbic nations joined the Khaganate within a few years. The Empire is the inheritor of the Jelbic Union of the North and of Temrkai Khan's Empire. The Empire was dissolved in Khagan Kezkai's last act as monarch in 3816.