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State of Endiraho

Endiraho flag.png

Zardugal Location.png
Map of Zardugal

Country Zardugal
Regional capital Beleco
  Governing body Endiraho State Government
  Governor Manojlo Justinianido
  Ruling party(s) FDP
Area 206,400 km²
Population 19,856,638 (est.)

Endiraho officially the State of Endiraho is a component region of Zardugal. Beleco, sometimes still called Belgae, is the state capital. Endiraho is located in the northern portion of Zardugal and shares a northern border with Vanuku.

Endiraho serves as an integral border outpost with Vanuku, an important economic factor in the Economy of Zardugal. Endiraho is also home to several bases of the Zardic Armed Forces including: General James Fulcher Combined Operations Base, Gatineo, General Alexander Prazeli Army Base, Sebasto and General Maxwell Cafer Air Force Base, Belgae.


Former Governor Manojlo Justinianido (FDP; May 4422 - November 4425) serves as the State Secretary of the Interior. He is responsible for the foundation of the Endiraho State Office of Emergency Management which is responsible for coordinating efforts of state, county and municipal agencies in disaster relief, terrorist or other extreme emergency situations.

Government and politics[]

Endiraho's state government is headed by an elected Governor. The local legislature is the Endiraho House of Delegates, formerly the Endiraho State Senate. The Governor of the State of Endiraho is similar to the the former President of the Zardic Federation but posses the unique power to veto bills and send them back to the House of Delegates for changes and updates.

The Endiraho State government comprises the following departments, services, offices, etc.:

  • State Department of State Affairs
  • State Department of the Interior
    • Office of Emergency Management (HQ: Beleco)
    • Endiraho State Police
  • State Department of Finance
  • State Department of Justice
  • State Department of Infrastructure and Transport
  • State Department of Health and Social Services
  • State Department of Education and Culture
  • State Department of Science and Technology
  • State Department of Food and Agriculture
  • State Department of Environment and Tourism
  • State Department of Trade and Industry

The Endiraho State is also served by it's judicial branch, known as the Endiraho Unified Court System. The Chief Judge is the overall head of the Endiraho judicial branch and is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Endiraho House of Delegates.

Administrative divisions[]

The State of Endiraho is divided into "counties" (Augustan: Graflandoj) each county has a county legislature and then an elected county supervisor. Beneath county's are Cities (Augustan: Urbo) Towns and Villages (Augustan: Vilaĝo) which have a democratically elected mayor, supervisor, executive or whatever title is assigned to them and are assisted by local legislatures.

  1. Sebasto
  2. Beleco
  3. Paralia Cezareo
  4. Gatineo
  5. Laraeo
  6. Apetro
  7. Pergaro
  8. Kasmestiaoi
  9. Delypeo
  10. Nirakro
  11. Kamyro
  12. Messeroi
  13. Manteiro
  14. Pantinoi
  15. Hermeio
  16. Myonomeno
  17. Lampsusso
  18. Neapagro
  19. Ptelatoi
  20. Lazo

Law enforcement[]

Endiraho is policed by a state-wide police force known as the Endiraho State Police. The Superintendent of the Endiraho State Police is appointed by the Governor of Endiraho. The Endiraho State Police have barracks located throughout Endiraho and are responsible for investigations through the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. The Beleco Metropolitan Police Department (BMPD) is the largest municipal police department in Endiraho and is larger than the ESP.


Endiraho is the most post-industrial state of Zardugal. Belgae is the center of many Zardic financial institutions, including the Zardic Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of Zardugal and is widely considered to be one of the most powerful central banking systems within the world. Zardugal also has many international organization offices out of Belgae.

Endiraho is also the site of the largest airports in Zardugal with the Beleco International Airport which is responsible for a large portion of air traffic in Zardugal. BIA also holds a large international zone which brings in massive swathes of foreign goods into Beleco.