Directorial Republic of Endralon
Ndrálon Direktoriális Köztársaság
Flag of Endralon COAofEndralon2
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Endralon
Location of Endralon

Avec la République pour le Peuple! (Canrillaise)
("With the Republic, for the People!")

Anthem "Republican Heartbeat"
(and largest city)
Zergonese, Dundorfian, Hugalonese, Kizenian
Religion Hosian (Christianity) – 90%
Ethnic Groups
60% Syldavian
25% Zergonese
7% Hugalonese
5% Dundorfian
3% Kizenian
Demonym Endralonian/Endralonese
Government Parliamentary-directorial hybrid republic
  Legislature Republican Senate
President of the Directorial Republic Pius Lajos
Grand Director of Prime Ministry Szekeres Kristóf
Area 904,800 km²
Population 71,483,483 (4773) 
596,239,053,809 END (4773)
  per capita 8,340 END (4773)
Established 4734 (as a directorial republic)
Currency Endral (€ END)
Time Zone GMT +1
  summer GMT +2
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +08
Internet TLD .ez

Endralon (syl: Ndrálon Speaker listen), officially Directorial Republic of Endralon (syl: Ndrálon Direktoriális Köztársaság Speaker listen), often called as Directorial Republic or DR, is a country located on the Northeast Artanian Peninsula, as the easternmost country of the Artanian continent and is bordered by the ocean to the north, south and east, and shares its only land border, with Kundrati, to the west. With about 70 million inhabitants, Endralon is medium-sized country in the Artanian community. The Directorial Republic has three official languages, the Syldavian, the Zergonese and the Hugalonese.

Endralon is a parliamentary-directorial hybrid republic, with the incorporation of semi-direct democratic and parliamentary elements. It has five large Republican Cantons, with medium autonomy, but under the federal government; by the name Zergon, Efínia, Hugalon, Alt-Ginbár and Kundár-Nova Zergonska. The federal government centering in the capital city at Hugamest, what is the place of the residency of the Endralonian Head of State, Government and Legislature. Based on recent reports of International Democracy Index, Endralon is a flawed democracy, nearer to the full democracy status than the hybrid regime status.

The DR is one of Terra's 11 largest economies, a high-income economy, especially based on private corporations, what companies satisfying the relatively free internal Endralonian market with their products. Furthermore, that kind of giant multinational and transnational private corporations like 3M or LTG, also registered in Endralon, and with it the DR have great authority over many foreign markets also.

Endralon is the member of the Northeast-Artanian Peninsula Treaty Organization, the Artanian League and the World Congress, and many other minor diplomatic, economic or political organizations as an important member of the international community.

Etymology Edit

The word Ndrálon possibly created during the Syldavian Conquest, when the Syldavian tribes conquered the territory of the current Endralon. They called that place where they first landed in somewhere the nowadays North-Zergon, Ndrál, what possible was could be an onomatopoeic word. In Syldavian, Ndrálon meant something like "on Ndrál". So the Syldavian name of the country is probably a salute over the place where the Syldavian tribes landed.

During the Rontin Occupation of the peninsula, the word Ndrálon could get it Luthorian equivalent, Endralon. Later, the most of Terran countries used this word as an example for their own expression to Endralon, just like Canrillaise used Endralaise, the Hugalonese used Endžralska, the Zergonese used Endralska, the Dundorfian used Endralien and etcetera.

History Edit

Main article: History of Endralon
Endralon's name Reigning time Form of State
Conquest Tribe

Honfoglaló Törzs

? - 650 BCE Tribe
First Principality of Endralon

Első Ndrálon Fejedelemség

650 BCE - 410 BCE Pagan Principality
Province Equincum

Equincum Tartomány

410 BCE - 738 CE Occupation
Second Principality of Endralon

Második Endralon Fejedelmség

738 - 1001 Hosian Principality
Endralon of the Holy Crown

Szentkorona Ndrálona

1001 - 1520 Hosian Monarchy
Interregnum of Endralon

Ndráloni Interregnum

1520 - 1550 Federal Union
Endralonian Empire

Ndráloniai Birodalom

2000-2308 Constitutional Empire

Parliamentary Democracy

(First) Republic of Endralon

Ndrálon (Első) Köztársaság

2308-2880 Constitutional Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

First Kingdom of Endralon

Első Ndrálon Királyság

2880-3205 Constitutional Kingdom

Parliamentary Democracy

(Second) Republic of Endralon

Ndrálon (Második) Köztársaság

3205-3498 Constitutional Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

United (Second) Kingdom of Endralon

Egyesült (Második) Ndrálon Királyság

3498-3676 Constitutional Kingdom

Parliamentary Democracy

The Democratic Union of Endralon Collectives

Ndráloni Kollektívák Demokratikus Uniója

3676 - 3701 Constitutional Union

Parliamentary Democracy

Federal Union of Endralon and Zergon

Ndrálon és Zergon Szövetségi Uniója

3701 - 3721 Federal Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

Davostag Dominion of Endralon

Ndrálon Dávosztág Domínium

3721 - 3724 Constitutional Dominion

Parliamentary Democracy

Endralonian (Third) Republic

Ndráloniai (Harmadik) Köztársaság

3724 - 3728 Constitutional Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

United Kingdom of Endralon and Zergon

Ndrálon és Zergon Egyesült Királysága

3728 - 3737 Constitutional Kingdom

Parliamentary Democracy

Republic of Endralon and Zergon

Ndrálon és Zergon Köztársasága

3737 3757 Constitutional Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

Imperial Union Kingdom of Endralon and Zergon

Ndrálon és Zergon Birodalmi Uniós Királysága

3757 - 3777 Constitutional Kingdom

Parliamentary Democracy

Federation of Endralon and Zergon

Ndrálon és Zergon Szövetség

3777 - 3864 Federal Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

Federation of Endralon

Ndrálon Szövetség

3864 - 3900 Federal Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

Empire of Endralon

Ndrálon Birodalom

3900 - 3939 Constitutional Empire

Parliamentary Demcoracy

(First) Federal Republic of Endralon

Ndrálon (Első) Szövetségi Köztársaság

3939 - 4033 Federal Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

(Fourth) Kingdom of Endralon

Ndrálon (Negyedik) Királyság

4033 - 4044 Constitutional Kingdom

Parliamentary Democracy

(Second) Federal Republic of Endralon

Ndrálon (Második) Szövetségi Köztársaság

4044 - 4129 Federal Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

Endralonian (Fourth) Republic

Ndráloniai (Negyedik) Köztársaság

4129 - 4152 Constitutional Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

(Second) Federal Republic of Endralon

Ndrálon (Második) Szövetségi Köztársaság

4152 - 4345 Federal Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

High Kingdom of Endralon

Ndrálon Magas Királyság

4345 - 4375 Constitutional Kingdom

Parliamentary Democracy

Federal Presidential Republic of Endralon 4375 - 4402 Federal Presidential Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

Holy Endralon Empire

Szent Endralonk Birodalom

4402 - 4417 Constitutional Empire

Parliamentary Democracy

(Third) Federal Republic of Endralon

Ndrálon (Harmadik) Szövetségi Köztársaság

4417 - 4467 Federal Republic

Parliamentary Democracy

(Second) Holy Endralon Empire

(Második) Szent Endralonk Birodalom

4467 - 4548 Constitutional Empire

Parliamentary Democracy

Great Kingdom of Endralon

Ndráloni Nagy Királyság

4548 - 4627 Constitutional Kingdom

Parliamentary Democracy

Republic Kingdom (Endralon)

Köztársaság Királyság (Ndrálon)

4627 - 4642 ?

Parliamentary Democracy

(Fifth) Kingdom of Endralon

Ndráloni (Ötödik) Királyság

4642 - 4734 Constitutional Kingdom

Parliamentary Democracy

Directorial Republic of Endralon

Ndrálon Direktoriális Köztársaság

4734 - present Directorial Republic

Parliamentary Democracy


Main article: Geography of Endralon

Újmakon, a typical example of Endralonian metropolises


A typical farm in the Rural Land

Endralon sharing its water borders with the Unholy Sea in the north, and the Artanian Sea in the east and south, and sharing its land border with Kundrati, to the west. It has a distinctive 'horn' shape.

Endralon is a 'horn' shape country with a great mountain range in it's middle. There is three geographical region of Endralon, the Unholy Land (Syldavian: Szentségtelen Föld) in the north, named after the Unholy Sea; the Mountains (Syldavian: Hegyvidék) in the middle, named after the Vörös Mountain; and the Artanian Land (Syldavian: Ártániai Föld) in the south, named after the Artanian Sea.

In the 47th and the 48th centuries there was a global geographical change in Endralon. The previous highly varied geography was change to a dipole one. There is a pole what containing metropolises without forests, fields or environmental parks, this is the Urban Land (syldavian: Városföld); there is an another too what contain villages, small towns and farms with environmental diversity, this is the Rural Land (syldavian: Vidék).


The Directorial Republic has five larger Republican Cantons what have medium autonomy with own governor called Mayor Director (Syldavian: Polgármesteri Direktor) and with own legislature called Canton Senate (Syldavian: Kantonszenátus), both institutions are elected in the same time with federal elections, by the citizens of the Cantons directly. These institutions can decide on internal issues of the Cantons, but the federal government and federal laws has large authority on them.

Some districts are a place for an ethnic group, like Zergon is for the Zergonese population, or Hugalon for the remained Hugalonese population what remained after the Hugalonese Genocide in the Second Endralonian Civil War, however there is nothing regulation to regulate the ethnic composition of a Republican Canton or any other Endralonian place.

Canton's flag Canton Canton's Capital Population Area
Alt-Ginbár Újmakon 14 296 697 180 960 km2
Efínia Régiházikó 14 296 696 180 960 km2
Hugalon Hugamest 14 296 697 180 960 km2
NewflagofKundar-Nova Zergonska
Kundár-Nova Zergonska Kundarváros 14 296 696 180 960 km2
Zergon Zaošuma 14 296 697 180 960 km2

Government and politics Edit

Endralon is a parliamentary-directorial hybrid republic led by several institutions. The official and figurehead Head of State of the country is the President of the Directorial Republic (Syldavian: Direktoriális Köztársasági Elnök) who elected by the people directly in the presidential elections and who have most likely representative tasks, but in emergency times, it can create a national unity government, what have to accepted by other parties and institutions. The Grand Director of Prime Ministry (Syldavian: Miniszterelnökség Nagydirektora) chairs the cabinet and de facto the leader of the executive branch. The official name of the cabinet is the Council of Grand Directors (Syldavian: Nagydirektorok Tanácsa). The members of the cabinet are the Grand Directors of the Ministries (Syldavian: Minisztériumok Nagydirektoriai) and they're the chief executives of the DR among with the Grand Director of Prime Ministry. The cabinet appointed by the unicameral legislature, the Republican Senate (Syldavian: Köztársasági Szenátus), what has the right to make laws and make constitutional amendments.

Law and judicial system Edit

The constitutional court of the Directorial Republic of Endralon is the Federal Constituent Agency of the Directorial Republic (Syldavian: Direktoriális Köztársaság Szövetségi Alkotmányozó Ügynöksége) or simply just FCA, what have the right to investigate the passed laws by the Republican Senate, and if that laws not compliance with the Constitution of the Directorial Republic, then they easily can Veto it. The ninth member of the FCA are appointed jointly by the Council of Grand Directors and Republican Senate based on the advise of recognized legal persons.

The legal system of Endralon is federalist, there are local courts what inspected by the Federal Justice Agency of the Directorial Republic (Syldavian: Direktoriális Köztársaság Szövetségi Igazságügyi Ügynöksége) or simply just FJA, what inspecting every national and local courts, including the work of the FCA and Grand Director of Ministry of Justice/Ministry of Justice.

The supreme law enforcement agency of Endralon is the Police of the Directorial Republic (Syldavian: Direktoriális Köztársaság Rendőrsége) or simply just PDR, what managed by the Grand Director of Ministry of Internal Affairs who held the position of the Supreme Policeman/Policewoman of the PDR. The PDR have many subordinate organizations countrywide, including the Directorial Republic Investigation Office (Syldavian: Direktoriális Köztársaság Nyomozóirodája) or simply just DRIO.

Foreign relations Edit

The Directorial Republic's foreign policy based on the next commitments: strong pro-globalization, Northeast-Artanian cooperation, Artanian cooperation and cosmopolitanism. Endralon is one of the largest beneficiaries of the Terran globalization economically and culturally.

Endralon is the member of the World Congress, Artanian League, Northeast-Artanian Peninsula Treaty Organization, International Football Federation, International Organization for Space Cooperation, Multinational Organization for Directorialism and many other diplomatic, political and economic worldwide organizations. Since 4778, Endralon first time was elected to the World Congress Security Congress across Representative Márton Panna until December, 4788, then across Representative Deák Cintia.

Endralon strongly claiming the title to be the economic and military power of Northeast-Artania, Artanian Sea and Northwest-Seleya, what nowadays is. Endralon hasn't it violent foreign policy, but it is enforce its interests, just like it did during the Zardugalian Globalist War or the 3rd Keymon Civil War. Endralon has pretty good relations with Likatonia, Lodamun, Kundrati, Aloria, Istalia and Davostan.

Military Edit

Main article: Military of Endralon

Republican Guard (Syldavian: Testőrség a Köztársaságért, TEK) soldiers

The Armed Forces of the Directorial Republic (Syldavian: Direktoriális Köztársaság Fegyveres Erői) are the military of the Directorial Republic of Endralon.

The Armed Forces consisting the Navy of the Directorial Republic, the Army of the Directorial Republic and the Air Force of the Directorial Republic, with the primary goal to defend the national interests of Endralon and the national interests of its allies. Based on independent surveys, the Armed Forces of the Directorial Republic are a medium-sized, middle power military.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Military of Endralon is the President of the Directorial Republic, but it hasn't real authority over the bevy. In practice, the Grand Director of Ministry of Defense managing the Armed Forces together with the Chief Command of it.

Furthermore, the special forces of Endralon, the Republican Guard also is the part of the military, however it is very autonomous from the other parts of the Armed Forces.


Endralon is a strong, capitalist market economy, one of the 11 major economies worldwide and the second most developed in Artania, after the Dorvish economy. The Endralonian economy especially based on private corporate businesses, with governmental support and incentives to privately owned corporations. This private companies usually operating both inside and outside of the country, with it not just influencing home economy, but influencing many other, foreign markets too.

Culture Edit

National symbolsEdit


The endralonese pelican

The national symbols of Endralon are the symbols that are used in Endralon and abroad to represent the country and its people. The pelican, the national animal of the the endralonese is from the House of Syldavia and Ottokar I, but it used by the endralonese republics too. Furthermore, the red-white-green colors also national symbols of Endralon, this colors origin trace to the Endralonian Empire. But the red-white squares and the red-white-blue colors also in the national symbols, referring to the zergonese minority. Currently, the directorial republic use the phrygian cap as a symbol, but it don't have that kind of tradition like the others.


The official, national sport of Endralon is the football, the 'sport of the People'. The official name of the endralonese professional football championship is the Championship of Cantons (syldavian: Kantonok Bajnoksága) what organised by the Endralonese Republican Football Federation (syldavian: Ndráloni Köztársasági Labdarúgó Szövetség). The national team of Endralon is also organised by the Republican Football Federation.

Great Republic Arena

The Great Republic Arena, the official stadion of the endralonese national football team

Other important sports the skiing, the surfing, the swimming, the polo, the cricket, the motor-sports, the mountaineering and the biking.


Endralonian cuisine is characterised by rich, filling and full-flavoured dishes. Since Endralon shares similar climatic conditions and agricultural practices with much of Artania, its cuisine has much in common with other continental nations. It also shares some similarities with the various cuisines of nearby Makon.

Endralon is a seafaring nation with a well-developed fishing industry and this is reflected in the prodigious amount of fish and seafood eaten. Per capita, Endralon is one of the countries with the highest rates of fish consumption in Terra. Fish is served grilled, boiled (including poached and simmered), fried or deep-fried, stewed or even roasted. Fish is frequently used dried and salted because the Endralonian fishing tradition developed before the invention of refrigeration - therefore it needs to be soaked before cooking.

Cod is widely consumed and is considered a staple food. Also popular are fresh sardines (especially when grilled), octopus, squid, cuttlefish, crabs, shrimp, prawns, lobster, hake, horse mackerel, sea bass, scabbard and a great variety of other fish, shellfish and molluscs, such as clams, mussels, oysters, periwinkles, and scallops.

Political culture Edit


The official room of the Republican Directorate in the Citadel

The official political language of Endralon is the canrillaise language, because the respect of the House of Enjou, who given constitution, National Convention and other democratic things to Endralon. But that just mean that the text of the oaths and the national motto is in canrillaise language. Usually in the legaslative assembly the representatives speak in luthorian language.

The invocation of the representatives and ministers and the Head of Government is 'Mr. Director', the invocation of the Head of State is 'Mr. Supreme Chairman'. Usually the parties write a thank-speech after the elections under the 'Nation overview' page.

Syldavia Directorial Republic of Endralon
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