Endrinism is a political ideology based on The Endrin Law and the thoughts of Endrin III. It's a common ideology in Telamonia, even thought years ago it was much more common. There's still some people trying to apply it, the same or different ways.

Origin Edit

Endrin III was crowned in 1747 in the Kingdom of Telamon, and after many protests against him, he gave up his throne and formed a law to oppose monarchy, totalitarianism and dictatorships, ordering to execute monarchs through decapitation. Endrinism is, simply, an ideology for people who thinks The Endrin Law was fair and useful and who thinks like Endrin III.

Endrinism Edit

Endrinism is the rejection of any absolutist or totalitarian form of government, monarchy and dictatorships applying a punishment with no pardon for them. It also says that all these form of governments are immoral should be seen as a bad thing.

The punishment for a monarch is an execution through a decapitation (originally, althought there can be another ways of execution) and for a monarchist party the punishment can be the abolition of the party or don't allow the party leader to vote and be part of a party...

The punishment for a dictator or totalitarian leader is sending them to the prison or they'll have to pay and leave the nation immediately. This is what Endrin III suggests. Endrinists can be seen in different ideologies, except those who support and advocate for a totalitarian state or a monarchy.

Branches of Endrinism Edit

Endrinism has different branches which think different in some concepts of it.

  • Classic Endrinism: Classic Endrinism is the original Endrinism from Endrin III, the one we explained before.
  • Communist Endrinism: Second most common branch from Endrinism. Opposed to the totalitarian nature of most communist regimes, Communist Endrinists support any communist ideology that doesn't advocate for a party dictatorship and they condemn these kind of governments.
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