Valruzian Energy Group - Enerwal S.A.
Walruzyjska Grupa Energetyczna - Enerwal S.A.
Type Public
Industry Electricity
Founded February 4256
Headquarters Nowogard, Valruzia
Key people TBA
Services Power production and distribution
Revenue VPO$342.1 billion (4256)
Net income VPO$56.1 billion (4256)
Owners Valruzian Government (100%)
Subsidiaries Energia (12.5%)
Employees 125.300

Valruzian Energy Group - Enerwal S.A. (val. Walruzyjska Grupa Energetyczna - Enerwal S.A.), known as Enerwal is a state-owned public power company and is the largest power producing company in Valruzia, before Walatom, and the largest power producing energy in Seleya. Enerwal is listed on the Nowogard Stock Exchange and is constituent of some of the most important indexes. It also owns 12.5% of Kalistan-based company Energia

The Enerwal group is largely controlled by the Valruzian Treasury which is the sole owner of all the shares of the company, and despite the company is public the board of directors are responsible before special departments within the Ministry of Trade and Industry which closely monitors and approves major undertakings of the company.


The Enerwal Group operates 15 lignite mines and 143 power stations (23 of which use renewable sources) including the Pastarnia II Power Plant which is the largest coal-fired power plant in Seleya. Power stations operated by Enerwal are mostly powered by hard coal and lignite. Enerwal operates 20 wind farms and 3 solar power plants.

In 4733, Enerwal purchased 12.5% of the Kalistani Energia from the Government of Kalistan for the amount of VPO 25 billion.

Nuclear energyEdit

Enerwal S.A. is, by the current law of Valruzia, banned from entering the market of nuclear energy production as this market is reserved for another major power generating company, specializing in nuclear energy, Walatom.

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