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Enlightened People's Republic of Dankuk


            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Dankuk City Locations Detailed Ver1.png
Map of Dankuk
Capital                     Gongmangdo
Languages             Kyomal (official)

Luthoran, Draniano, Draddwyr (minority)

Demonym                Dranian
Government           Zensho Socialist dictatorship
Grand Marshal
First                           Hyeon Yi
Last                           Hyeon Yi
President of Dankuk
First                           Awstin Kim
Last                           Awstin Kim
Legislature             National Salvation Government
Area                          1,201,800 km²
Currency                 Dran

The Enlightened People's Republic of Dankuk (Abbr: EPRD) was a short-lived Zenshō socialist dictatorship in what is today the Dranian Federation. The EPRD was at war with Indrala during its most of its existence and was dissolved following the Treaty of Iglesia Mayor.

While established out of pro-democracy protests against the Kyodae dictatorship of the Kingdom of Dankuk, the EPRD regime positioned itself as an even more strict and oppressive dictatorship than that prior. Under terms of the Treaty of Soleynka, Dankuk's territorial possessions, such as North Dovani, would transfer to Indrala if the House of Ryeo was ever deposed. The events surrounding the founding of the EPRD set off this condition, leading to the outbreak of war with Indrala.

Indralan forces landed in Eljang in 3689, culminating with the Battle of Gongmangdo during the autumn of 3690. The largest battle of the war, Gongmangdo was left decimated and despite the large death toll, the Zenshō socialists were victorious. After this Indralan military failure a stalemate emerged.

Within Dankuk, a freedom fighter group named the Taegeuk Tigers began to ramp up its actions against the EPRD government. The group also had covert links with the Pyeongreo Faction, a legal political group loosely linked to the banned Kyodae. The Pyeongreo Faction was invited to the Zenshō socialist wartime cabinet as a civilian element, resulting in a source of government intelligence for the Taegeuk Tigers.

In 3696 the Taegeuk Tigers launched a series of attacks against government facilities, greatly destabilizing the government. Soon after, the Pyeongreo Faction mounted a full-scale coup, forming an interim government and initiating peace talks with Indrala.

DankukFlag.png 대단민국
Free Republic of Dankuk

Seongtaek (Central Capital)
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History Baekgu DynastyBeonyeongsalm PalaceDranlandDranian Zenshō RevolutionEgelian DraniaFlag of DankukGreat Kyo RevolutionHouse of RyeoHouse of SantiagoKyobando ManifestoKyo-Indralan Revolutionary WarAugust RevolutionDranian Civil WarTimeline of the History of Dankuk
Subdivisions Provinces: Eljang.png EljangReuni.png RhynachMyeoggi.png MyeoggiEurbrak.png UlbracaHonggi.png Hyonggi
Metropolitan Cities:
Hyeokjincityflag.png HyeokjinSinsucityflag.png Gran NorteIlbaecityflag.png Llwybr HawlTaeyangcityflag.png Taeyang

Capital City: Seongtaekcityflag.png Seongtaek

List of cities in Dankuk

Politics President of DankukChairman of the Council of MinistersNational CongressConstitution of Dankuk
Political Parties: CPRU • MRD
Demographics Religion: Aurorian Patriarchal ChurchDaenismSeodongyoSindoZenshō
Ethnicity: DraddwyrDranianosKyo