Landscape of Eristano
Country Istalia
Region Sarregna
Government Mayor–council
  Governing body City Council
  Mayor (Sindaco) Chiara Zunini (4602)
  Ruling party(s) Socialists & Democrats
Area 81 km²
Population 2,846,074

Eristano, is a city in the Istalian region of Sarregna.
The city rises in northern Sarregna, not far from the western coast and south of the border with Silicia.


Ancient HistoryEdit

The city developed durong the medieval period on the site of the ancient city of Eshhar which ruins today rises not far from Eristano's city center. The city in ancient time rises as one of the most populous cities in Alaria but then the fight between the island's kingdoms and then the invasion by the Kingdom of Qolshamih greatly affected the city which population, furthermore, began to emigrate to the new Selucian colonies until total abandonment around 2nd century CE.

During the medieval period the Nicoman Kings from the south extending the kingdom established a fortress on a ford on the Camusso River not far from the ancient city establishing then a market and a diocese. The city was elevated to the status of County and until 17th century the heir of the Nicoman Kings detained the title of Count of Eristano.

Modern and Contemporary HistoryEdit

From most part of its history Eristano remained an agricultural center but around 18th century the city became also an important administrative center of the whole country. In fact, the Nicoman King Arturo Gabriele, as King of the Kingdom of Istalia, here built a majestic and monumental palace for his court, the Palace of Villareale, very close to Eristano, forcing to move part of the state administration to the city.

Around 19th century the area developed also as an industrial area exploiting the railways Calliari-Eristano, the first ever railway built in Istalia. The contemporary history of Eristano merged then with the one of Istalia and today Eristano and all its province is one of the most industrialized of the Alaria with the one of Calliari. However, the agriculture still continue to have an important role in whole the region.



The local form of government of the city follow the model of the mayor–council government system, with a mayor (Istalian: sindaco) elected by voters, and a unicameral council as the legislative branch (Istalian: Consiglio). To the mayor is given almost total administrative authority and a clear, wide range of political independence, with the power to appoint and dismiss department heads and furthermore he prepares and administers the city budget, although most part of the decisions must be approved by the council.

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