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Erwin Zilberschlag

In office
April 3, 2690 – January 2, 2699
Preceded by
Succeeded by

3rd Chief Minister of Mitrania
In office
February 4, 2682 – April 3, 2690

5th Chief Minister of Mitrania
In office
January 2, 2699 – January 2, 2717

4th President of the Christian Liberal Party
In office
August 5, 2699 – January 2, 2717

January 19, 2649
July 29, 2737
Political party
Jessica Knobloch-Zilberschlag

Erwin Zilberschlag is the current Minister of Internal Affairs of the Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria. In 2702 he was named the first Vizestaatsminister of the Imperial Crownlands. He concurrently serves as President of the Christian Liberal Party, chairman of the Christian Liberal Party of Mitrania and Chief Minister of Mitrania.

Personal Life Edit

Erwin Alois Konrad Jakob Zilberschlag was born in Graaffsberg, Mitrania to Konrad and Monika Zilberschlag, He is the eldest of five children (sibilings - Thomas, Julia, Julius, Otto). The Zilberschlag family is one of Mitrania's richest families. Their financial empire, the Zilberschlag Group is the largest private landowner in Mitrania and Budenlar and controls majority holdings in many large agribusiness, petrochemical, electronics and automobile firms. As the heir to the commercial enterprises, from a young age Erwin was groomed to be a business leader. He studied economics at university and completed a Masters in Business Administration.

Erwin married Jessica Knobloch on July 29, 2680. Jessica is the daughter of Dr. Wilhelm Knobloch, a noted surgeon, and Nathalie Knobloch, a university professor. Erwin and Jessica have twin children, Konrad and Nathalie, born May 17, 2688.

Political Life Edit

After joining the Zilberschlag Group as an Executive Vice President, Erwin began his involvement in corporate and community relations. In 2673 he joined the Mitranian branch of the Christian Liberal Party and began campaigning for local candidates. In the late 2670s, Erwin was elected to the Graaffsberg city council and became a senior leader of the crownland's party branch. In the lead up to the February 2682 election Erwin and his allies forced a leadership election that put the 33-year-old at the party's helm. The party's new leadership and the strength of its coalition partners allowed Erwin to capture enough seats to become Mitrania's Chief Minister. Resigning his position with the Zilberschlag Group, Erwin would lead the crownland for the next eight years.

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