The Ethnologue classification is a manner of classifying languages based on common ancestral language, usually using a tree model. It was popularised by the Ethnologue series of books, published by the International Society for the Study of Terran Civilisations.


The Gao-Indralan languages are a broad language family spread throughout Dovani. Gao-Indralan languages include Indralan, Phra and Kyo.


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The Makonic languages were the languages of the native people of Makon. In modern times, they are spread across the northern hemisphere.


Main article: Sullestic languages

The major extant Sullestic language is Sullestian.


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The Syldavian language occupies its own branch of the Makonic language family.


The Jelbo-Tukaric languages are centred in western and southern Majatra.


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There is one widely spoken Jelbic language, Old High Jelbic, with four national varieties: Wrnukaék, Jelbék, Pnték and Brmék. There is also a number of Jelbic languages with fewer speakers, including Banmek and Jelbido.


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There are several Tukaric languages, the most widely spoken being Turjak.


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Spoken by Nautese people, the Nautic languages originated on the modern continent of Temania.


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The Tropican languages are a group of Nautic languages associated with Tropica.


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The largest language family, according to the Ethnologue classification, are the Heludic languages. Spanning almost every continent, the Heludic languages were spread across Terra by the ancient Heludis, native to Artania. The Heludic language family is a revised form of the Superseleyan language family. They can be further broken down into various sub-families.


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The Dundorfic languages developed in northern Artania and are the most commonly spoken group of languages on the continent.

East DundorficEdit

East Dundorfic langauges include Kazulianisk, Skjöldunga, Befäska, Skrigere and Doyingar.

Artanian DundorficEdit

Artanian Dundorfic are spoken primarily on the continent of Artania and include Luthorian and Dundorfian.


The Kalkali-Ezadi language sub-family is composed of two major branches, the Ezadi languages and the Kalkali languages.


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Kalkali languages include Ananti.


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Ezadi languages include Aldegarian, Bihezi, Dudmani and Kharaji.


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The Delic languages originated in Deltaria.

North DelicEdit

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North Delic languages include Rodshya and Kozak.

East DelicEdit

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East Delic languages include Hugalonese and Tokundian.


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The Alaz-Dara languages are Daralian and Alazindian.


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The primary language in the Valrizic branch is Valrizen.


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The Celda languages are spoken primarily in Kirlawa and Aloria. Extant languages include Kilani, Caldorian and Draddwyr.


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The Siphinan language occupies a branch to itself.


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The Llaqta languages are a group of languages spoken in eastern Dovani, primarily Suyu Llaqta.

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