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Nation of Eweenetuwineow
Allamaawampk Eweenetuwineow

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag of Eweenetuwineow National Emblem
Location of Eweenetuwineow
Location of Eweenetuwineow

Allamaawampk Kuttanaiu Weesos (Quoonocawscup)
("Land of Ancient Wisdom")

Anthem "Ahquak Qualliquawkimuck"
(and largest city)
Language Quoonocawscup
Demonym Eweenetuwinan
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic under a Military Dictatorship
  Legislature National House
Chief Kittamaquond
Population 10,835,000 
Established January 31 4996 (Independence from Mpakoala)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .ew

Eweenetuwineow, officially the Eweenetuwineow Nation (Quoonocawscup: Allamaawampk Eweenetuwineow), is a sovereign state in the northeast of the Northern Dovani Region, birthed from the Mpakoalan Wars. Though controlled by a Quoonocawscup plurality, the nation also has an especially significant Huhoa population in its' southern half, a place of contention with Tsanania.