FME Energy
FME Énergie
Type Société Anonyme
Joint-stock Company
Traded as BMP: FME
Industry Electricity
Natural Gas
Founded 5 August 2348
Headquarters [[]], [[]]
Key people Zacharie Alexis Naudé (Chairman)
Adeline Lambert-Bonnot (CEO)
Auguste Auclair (CFO)
Products Energy (Petroleum, Coal, Natural Gas, Wind, Solar, Nuclear)
Services Extraction and transportation
Revenue IncreaseKRP ₭16 billion (4160)
Net income Increase KRP ₭8 billion (4160)
Owners Malet family (64.50%)
Kanjorien government (10.50%)
Others (20.00%)
regional (10.00%)
Employees (4.50%)
Employees 480,000

FME Energy (Can.: FME Énergie, abbreviated FME) is a major component of the economy of Kanjor, the third largest corporation in the country, and ranked in the top twenty-five on the continent of Seleya.

FME is a private corporation but the national and regional governments hold significant shares; albeit, just like all other major corporations in Kanjor it has shifted between nationalization and privatization depending upon the current government.

Generation portfolioEdit

FME provides the electrical power for roughly 75% of the population of Kanjor; provided 70% of natural gas used in Kanjorien automobiles and uses its drilled oil to provide roughly 20% of the petroleum used in petrol-powered automobiles.

Oil, Refining & Natural GasEdit

FME owns and controls the FME Raffinerie outside Bayonville, the largest refinery in Kanjor, which produces 225,000 bbls per day. Nearly one-third of these barrels are exported to neighboring nations.

According to national laws, Kanjorien automobiles predominately use liquid natural gas for fuel of which FME supplies the majority.

Windmill in Sovalt Channel

FME owned and operated windmill farm in the Silliers Channel off the east coast of Martois.


FME has branched out to operating three windmill farms in the Silliers Channel and has recently begun expanding this operation.


FME has developed one geothermal power plant, near the mountains of Soulon. The dry steam plant takes steam out of fractures in the ground and uses it to directly drive a turbine that spins a generator. The condensed steam and remaining geothermal fluid from all three types of plants are injected back into the hot rock to pick up more heat.

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