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Falcon Car Company

 Falcon logo.png
Type Public
Industry Automotive
Founded 4205
Headquarters Clinton, Likatonia
Key people John Medrazo (CEO)
Products Automobiles
Services Production, Distribution and Maintenance
Area Served Seleya, Dovani, Artania
Revenue Increase LIK 167 billion (4797)
Operating Income Increase LIK 18 billion (4797)
Total Assets Increase LIK 150 billion (4797)
Employees 210,000 (4797)
Owners Medrazo family

Falcon Car Company is a Likatonian automotive company headquartered in Clinton, Madison. The company was founded in 4205 and since then manufactures, distributes and sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under Falcon brand. The company is listed on the Likatonian Stock Exchange and controlled by the Medrazo family who have sold some shares to other enterprises. It was formerly on the Nowogard Stock Exchange and the Government of Likatonia formerly controlled a stake in the company.

Falcon is the second largest automobile manufacturer behind the Valruzian Bonning Group producing around 5 million vehicles annually. It operates several factories and assembly plants in Likatonia. It is the largest Likatonia-based automaker and Falcon vehicles are one of the most frequently bought in Likatonia and North Seleya.

It is one of the largest employers in Likatonia with over 170 thousand employees.

In 4509 it began close cooperation with the Valruzian Automotive Group and in 4512 a construction of a new battery for electric vehicles co-funded by Falcon began in Santa Antonia. Falcon committed to funding 25% of the total costs of the investments. In exchange, the factory will equip electric cars made by Falcon with the state-of-the-art batteries, the same Bonning uses in its vehicles. Since then the two companies had diverged and by the turn of the 4700s the companies had become fierce rivals.

In the 4760s the company have started opening more factories abroad making there most popular cars. These have been opened up in Padagna in Istalia, Gaduridos and Yingdala which was opened up in 4797. In 4794, Falcon started a partnership with Xiandai Motor Group to make a supercar. It was agreed that the car would use Xiandai's Formula 1 engine while the body would be designed by Falcon. In 4797 the internal designs were complete.

Current Production[]

Exterior Nameplate Notes Assembly Place Av. Price in LOD
Falcon Festival.png Festival small hatchback Clinton, Padagna 1,150 (base)
Falcon Celebration.png Celebration medium size hatchback Clinton 1,250 (base)
180px Planetary medium size MPV Santa Antonia 2,500 (base)
180px Universal large MPV Santa Antonia 3,000 (base)
180px Lion small SUV/hatchback crossover Clinton 2,500 (base)
180px Tiger medium size SUV/hatchback crossover Clinton 3,000 (base)
180px eTiger electric hybrid medium size SUV/hatchback crossover Santa Antonia 3,500 (base)
180px Adventurer medium size SUV Clinton, Padagna 3,500 (base)
180px Adventure large SUV Clinton 5,000 (base)
180px GT grand Tourer Santa Antonia 10,000 (base)
180px Stallion sport Car Clinton 12,000 (base)
180px Transport X small van Clinton 1,000 (base)
180px Transport van Clinton, Padagna 1,500 (base)
180px eTransport electric hybrid van Santa Antonia 2,000 (base)
180px Voyager medium size pick-up truck Clinton 2,500 (base)
180px Outlander light full size pick-up truck Clinton, Padagna 3,250 (base)
180px Duty full size pick-up truck Clinton 3,600 (base)