FangCaiRyeo Group
FCR Logo
Type Caizu
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 4331
Defunct 4486, merger with Kyuma Industries
Founders Fang Zhihao
Cai Yahui
Ryeo Seojun
Headquarters Kaizhou (Zhijia City), Jiaozhi
State of Indrala
Area served Dovani, Keymon, Seleya
Products Automotive, consumer electronics, electronic components, entertainment, home appliances, semiconductors, telecommunications equipment
Services Advertising, financial services, information and communications technology, retail
Owner Xia Clan (47.2%)
Cai Family (28.1%)
Fang Family (25.7%)

The FangCaiRyeo Group, abbreviated as the FCR Group, was one of the largest Indralan caizu. The company merged with its Kyuma Industries subsidiary in 4486 to form one central business entity. The FCR Group competed most directly with TQ Group, as the two are the largest caizu after the Xiandai Group.

History Edit

The FangCaiRyeo Group emerged out of the merging of the Fang and Cai companies, supported with significant investment from the Ryeo Family through Ryeo Seojun. This merger resulted in the FCR Group becoming among the largest caizu. FCR Group grew even further after its acquisition of the Dranian-Tukarese conglomerate, Kyuma Industries in 4338.

While company control technically rests will all three families (Fang, Cai, and ), the Lü would grow to become the most dominant in both leading the caizu at the very top and at controlling its various subsidiary companies. However, this unquestionable dominance was disrupted in 4418 when the FCR Chairman Lü Daejun and his father, former chairman Lü Seongmin, were both indicted for election tampering that targeted New Dawn and for libel against Lü Jaewoo. This event would result in a re-balancing of the shared family control of FCR Group, while Lü holdings in the caizu would end up in Lü Ae-cha's branch of her family. Majority share was still held by the Lü Family but with Ae-cha's management of that share, the Cai and Fang were ensured fair participation in business operations.

Assets (4485) Edit

Operating Subsidiaries Edit

Zhijia Grand Hotel Jugang

The Zhijia Grand Hotel & Resort in Jugang

Kyuma Motors sedan

Kyuma Motors sedan

Company Sector Ownership % Notes
Bank of Sangon Banking, Insurance, Mortgages 59.7% Operated through Kyuma Industries.
Dragon-Tech Gaming E-Sports 88.6%
Dragon-Tech International Company Consumer Electronics 100% Specializes in computer hardware, processors, gaming computers, and graphics cards.
Dragon-Tech Studios Video Game Development 88.6%
Fànsīzhé Fashion House 68.7%
FCR Environmental Solutions Waste Management 100%
Fusion Foods Consumer Goods 79.9% Operated through Kyuma Industries. Specializes in canned foods, fruits, ice cream, noodles, and vegetables.
Jinshan Entertainment Record Label and Talent Agency 95.1%
Kyuma Motors Automotive Manufacturing 71.2% Operated through Kyuma Industries.
Rocc-Cola Franchising Consumer Goods 100% Exclusive franchising rights for the distribution of Hutori-based Rocc-Cola in Indrala.
Prospero Consumer Electronics 83.9% Operated through Kyuma Industries. Specializes in cameras, televisions, and phones.
Sangon Drinks Consumer Goods 81.8% Operated through Kyuma Industries. Specializes in non-alcoholic beverages.
Tsai-Hwai Company Consumer Electronics 58.7% Operated through Kyuma Industries. Specializes in desktops and notebooks.
Yingweibo Social Media 74.3%
ZCB Open Trade Mobile Investment App 75.3%
Zhijia City Bank Banking, Insurance, Investment 87.8%
Zhijia Grand Hotel Upscale Hotels and Resorts 100%
Zhijia Star Regional Newspaper 61.8%
Zhijia Telecom Internet, Wireless Service 91%

Notable Minor Holdings Edit

Company Sector Ownership % Notes
House of Jiyu Fashion Retailer and Hotelier 3.4%
Zhijia Research and Technology 12.3%
Zhijia Grand Park (Yincheng) Amusement Park 48.5%

Former Subsidiaries Edit

  • Fangrong Motors (4331-4413)
    automotive manufacturing
    Fangrong Motors was created in 4331 as a joint venture with Kyuma Motors, introducing their passenger vehicles to the Indralan market under the badging of Fangrong. Kyuma Motor's parent company would later be bought out by the FCR Group. In 4413, Fangrong was phased out in favor of having Kyuma Motors take direct control over Indralan operations and eliminating all re-badging.
  • Zhijia (4331-4486)
    research and technology conglomerate
    Zhijia was the central research firm of the FCR Group, focusing initially on smart technology and artificial intelligence. Over time the company grew to have operations in the defense industry, manufacturing, software, and energy production. In 4486, Zhijia broke off from FCR, positioning itself as an independent public company.

Chairmen of the FCR Group Edit

# Picture Name Start End
1Ryeo SeojunRyeo Seojun43314362
1Cai YahuiCai Yahui43314356
1Fang ZhihaoFang Zhihao43314362
2Cai HengCai Heng43624380
3Lu SeongminLü Seongmin43804417
4 Lü Daejung44174418
5 Fang Yazhu4418unknown