Die Faulenzer / Bündnis 74
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Leader Herschel Krustofski
Founded 2388, first Volkskammer election 2389
Headquarters Dunburg
Nation Dundorf Demokratische Republik
Political Ideology Democratic-Socialist
Political Position Everything in Moderation
Primary International Affiliation The World Needs Laughter
Secondary International Affiliations None (as of 2391)
Colours f0e68c (khaki)

PARTY HISTORY The leader of Die Faulenzer / Bündnis 74 , Herschel Krustofski, had a successful career in the entertainment industry for almost twenty years. Herr Krustofski started as a stand-up comedian, gaining popularity while working the various comedy clubs around Dundorf.

After nearly 3 years making the rounds and working clubs almost every night of the week, he got a big break when cast in a minor role in the comedic film, "Der Trostpreis." The film was a success at the box office, but was not well received by critics. Nonetheless, Krustofski found himself with a growing fanbase.

Two more forgetable comedies followed, and fans began to lose interest in Krustofski's comedy career. It was an acclaimed performance playing the headmaster of a boarding school in the dramatic film, "Ab ins Bett" which led to the next step in his career.

An friend from the comedy club days, Konrad Schimpanski, had given up on chasing an acting career and turned to television production. After seeing Krustofski in the dramatic film, and remembering his days as a comic, Schimpanski knew that he had his host for a new latenight TV talk show. Krustofski was able to combine his love of performing in front of live audiences, his comedic talent, and his serious side in to a successful run as host of the interview and entertainment show "Guten Abend, Dundorf."

Krustofski did not know much about politics at the time his showbusiness career began, but after chatting with guests on his show over a dozen years, his interest in everything Dundorf grew.

In 2388, Hans Freckenbauer, a classmate and friend of Krustofski's founded Die Faulenzer Partei from a group of intellectuals who were generally disinterested in politics. Freckenbauer is a smart and shrewd politician, and he knew he needed a charasmatic face for the new party to motivate his small membership and to give it national exposure. Krustofski accepted Freckenbauer's offer to be the leader of party while the two were attending a Fußball match in Volzhaus.

Krustofski and Freckenbauer enlisted the help of a group of leaders from various businesses and industries to help them form their national platform. They represented the left, center, and right of the political spectrum, but were all acknowledged as experts in their various fields. The group of advisors nearly broke up on several occasions, but it was Krustofski who suggested they all "sign a peace treaty" so they could get down to the dirty work of building a political party. Thus, the Bündnis was born.

The current party name, Die Faulenzer / Bündnis 74, reflects those early months when the original supporters, the apolitical intellects, and various advisors came together to create the party as it exists today.

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