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Fazekas III Cabinet
Date formedDecember, 4756
Date dissolvedMarch, 4758
People and organisations
President of the Directorial RepublicIstván Balogh
Grand Director of Prime MinistryFazekas Olivér
Member partyMembers:
Opposition partyOpposition members:
Opposition leaderIstván Balogh
PredecessorFazekas II Cabinet
SuccessorFazekas IV Cabinet

The Fazekas III Cabinet (officially the 11th Council of Grand Directors of the Directorial Republic of Endralon) was a government in Endralon.


141 / 195
100 / 195

Conservatives and Progressives[]

The Fazekas III Cabinet is an alliance between two progressive, one conservative and one minority interests party. The new party in the government was the Változás, what got 3 seats in the government, while the direct democrats lost 3 seats.

Governmental Crisis[]

At July, 4757 the Változás-HM cabinet members resigned referred to the NPP anti-democratic policies. The NPP deny the accusations. The Ministry of Health and Social Services, Environment and Tourism and Trade and Industry became vacant for March, 4758, when the Fazekas II Cabinet's Grand Directors came back to their places.

Laws and Bills[]

This cabinet got power when the Senate accepted the 'Alternative for the Fazekas II Cabinet' bill at January, 4756.

After choices of the Senate, they released the next laws.