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Fazekas IV Cabinet
Date formedMarch, 4758
Date dissolvedApril, 4760
People and organisations
President of the Directorial RepublicIstván Balogh
Grand Director of Prime MinistryFazekas Olivér (until December, 4759)
Member partyMembers:
Opposition partyOpposition members:
Opposition leaderIstván Balogh
PredecessorFazekas III Cabinet
SuccessorKovács I Cabinet

The Fazekas IV Cabinet (officially the 12th Council of Grand Directors of the Directorial Republic of Endralon) was a government in Endralon.


100 / 195


102 / 195

Fazekas II Cabinet back to governing[]

The Grand Directors of Fazekas II Cabinet came back to governing with the Fazekas IV Cabinet. The Direct Democrats have 5 seats, the Nemzeti Autonómia Pártja have 1 seats and the NPP have 7 seats.

Resignation of the HoG[]

After strong demonstrations in every point of the country for the legalization of abortions, the misogynist and anti-Abortion Fazekas Olivér resigned as Grand Director of Prime Ministry, and István Balogh accepted his resignation.

Laws and Bills[]

This cabinet got power when the Senate accepted the 'Fazekas IV. cabinet' bill at January, 4756.

After choices of the Senate, they released the next laws.

As normal government:

As caretaker government without HoG: