The Federal Collectivist Union Party (Sambandsríki Sameiginleg Verkalýðsfé Partí in Skjöldunga) is a federal collectivist, communist and liberal party in Telamon. It was found in April 4330 after the dissolution of the Libertarian Socialist Party of Telamon. Their two main ideologies are Liberalism and Federal Collectivism. The founder is Rodney Randell and Jack Feuxerl. The party was dissolved on 4368 for unknown reasons.

History[edit | edit source]

When the Libertarian Socialist Party of Telamon was dissolved, their members wanted to be part of a party that gives them a second option. They started thinking and after checking some ideologies, they arrived to a conclusion: They would support Endrinsim (by Endrin III) and Federal Collectivism (by Birrender II). Rodney Randell, former Head of Government candidate of the LSP will become the founder and leader with Jack Feuxerl.

When federal collectivism was already established on Telamon, some years later, the FCUP is dissolved for unknown reasons.

Proposals[edit | edit source]

  1. Equality is a fundamental part in our societies: we are all the same, no hierarchies are useful except for a representant man or woman.
  2. No money: Money is a way to create capitalism, we think it is useless and that we can't encourage people to work for money. We'll introduce a trade system, like the current currency system of money, but money could be changed for another object. For example, a box for another box, or a helmet for a box.
  3. Federalism and Collectivism are other ideologies we also support.
  4. The regions would be called Federations and they will have an autonomy.
  5. Guilds or organizations would be created: There would be 4 official guilds: "Law and Order (LaO)", a guild that will pray for the security of everyone, "Defensive Army Soldiers of Telamon (DAST)", a guild to protect us from invasions, "Religion Court of Telamon (RCT)", a guild for believers of Hosianism and "Senate for the Politics of Telamon (SPT)", a guild for politicians inside the Parliament. Other people would be able to create guilds too.
  6. We do not support schools, exams and borders: Schools won't exist, everyone would learn voluntarily or with the help of a teacher (for free), with no exams. Borders would be open for everyone, regardless of political orientation/ideology, sexuality, sex, religion, knowledge and nationality.

The Federal Collectivists are slowly making Telamon a federal state.

Important Events[edit | edit source]

May 4334: The FCUP wins the national elections, but looses a 6,97% of seats in the Parliament (five seats). "If nothing changes in the next elections, it would be possible to establish a federal collectivist nation soon."

November 4351: The Parliament falls into an unipartidist system and the Federal Collectivists will work to install Federal Collectivism.

May 4356: The FCUP installs, officially, federal collectivism in Telamon, alongside with the four official guilds. Check Guilds of Telamon.

August 4368: The FCUP is dissolved for unknown reasons. Telamon falls into an anarchy.

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