Federal Council for Unity
Consejo de Unidad Federal (연방화합협의회)
TypeAdvisory committee of Dankuk
Federal ChairmanSun Seohyun, Independent
since 3 October 4462
Vice-ChairmanClaudia Casal, Federalist
since 3 May 4467
CommitteesRegional/Municipal Group (10)

Multicultural Group (10)

Faith & Religion Group (9)
Meeting place
The Federal Estate, Port Rhynach
Web site

The Federal Council for Unity (Draniano: Consejo de Unidad Federal, Kyomal: 연방화합협의회), is a national advisory committee in the Dranian Federation that is led by the head of state. Meeting at The Federal Estate in Port Rhynach, the Federal Council is purposed with ensuring that the government maintains a commitment to democracy, equality, and human rights.

Membership Edit

The Federal Council is headed by the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman/Premier. Additional membership includes the five provincial governors, four federal city mayors, representatives of the three major cultures (Dranianos, Draddwyr, and Kyo), and representatives of the major religions of Dankuk. As appropriate, and with the consent of the Federal Council, the chairman may appoint additional members to the council.

DranianFederationFlag Dranian Federation
Port Rhynach (council capital)
Iglesia Mayor (judicial capital)
Seongtaek (legislative capital)
History 3572 Dranish coup d'étatBaekgu DynastyBeonyeongsalm PalaceDranian Seung RevolutionDranlandEgelian DraniaFlag of DankukGreat Kyo Revolution of 3608Great Sekowian WarKyobando Manifesto of 3597Northern Dovani
Subdivisions Provinces: Flag of Eljang ElbianFlag of Reunii LorenFlag of Myeoggi MagadoniaFlag of Hyonggi ValdorFlag of Ulbrach Ulbrach
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Political Parties: Federalist Party
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Ethnicity: DraddwyrDranianosKazulianKyo
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