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Deltarian Worker's Party
Deltarska Dělnická Strana
AbbreviationPAP (People's Alliance Party)
LeaderBořek Malík
ChairpersonÆlfric Humes
FoundersKristýna Čermáková
Founded10 January 5018
Merger ofFederal Social Democrats
Communist Party
Youth wingYoung Socialists
Membership83,471 (5018)
IdeologySocial Democracy
Political positionCenter-left
National affiliationCivic Platform
Colours     Red      White
Seats in the Chamber
93 / 620
Seats in the Council
0 / 10
Federální města (Federal Cities)
1 / 2
Republikánské vlády (Republican governments)
0 / 2
Regionální (Regional Governments)
0 / 3
Místní Sedadla (Local seats)
731 / 5,230
Spolkový Prezident (Federal President)
0 / 1
Premier (Prime Minister)
1 / 1

The Deltarian Worker's Party (Daralian: Deltarska Dělnická Strana) otherwise known by its nickname the PAP or People's Alliance Party is a Social Democratic, Big-Tent, center-left political party in the Deltarian Federation created after Bořek Malík won the FSD its leadership elections, proposing a series of changes to the party which resulted in the rebranding of the FSD to the Deltarian Workers Party (and adoption of the nickname/abbreviation PAP). The party also abolished its decentralized structure, creating one national structure and electing a new "party board" in charge of picking party candidates and running its day to day bussiness.