Federal Collectivism is a political ideology based on the ideas of a society of Birrender II. It consists on a non-hierarchical society, where there's no rich and no poor and no monarchs and dictators. Each region will work as an assembly (or community), which will work totally independent and will have elections to choose a representant for their assembly, the rest of the people are just workers or human. Each assembly will have guilds or clans in which everyone is free to join by passing a test, for example, a warriors guild or clan, you will have to pass a test of strength and you will be in. This ideology is also based on Endrinism.

Classical Federal Collectivism or Birrenderism

Classical Federal Collectivism, or shortly Birrenderism, is a branch of the Federal Collectivism based on the exact ideas that Birrender II shared. What Birrender II wanted to live was a Parliamentary system based on independent assemblies with no general leader, just independent leader. Each assembly was able to vote for a leader to represent them, and everyone was equal. There would be some official assemblies (regions), and inside this assemblies there would be organizations or guilds working the same way. No slaves, no rich and poor, no monarchies or dictatorships. Just independent assemblies with one independent leader based on a Parliamentary system. Each assembly representant will assist the Parliament to discuss new ideas for the entire nation and will assist meetings of important guilds. Some people tried to make this possible, but no one ever could. No one would be allowed to introduce a monarchy or a dictatorship and hierarchies. Clans or guilds ot following that will be closed.

Modern Federal Collectivism

Modern Federal Collectivism is a branch of the Federal Collectivism, in which assemblies, or regions, are called Federations and has an autonomy. They elect a president, introduce some official guilds/clans, like "Order and Peace Assembly" and give them autonomy. And that guilds will be called assemblies, and not guilds. To enter a guild, you don't take a test, you get voted in a special day and if you get a majority of yes, you get in. The first party to introduce this ideology was the Federal Collectivist Union Party of Telamon.

Federal Collectivism on Terra

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