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Felinist Republic of Barmenia
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Map of Barmenistan and the March of Vanuku, Greater Barmenia South
Capital                     Varishehr
Languages             Brmek (official), Selucian (official), Kathuran (recognized), numerous recognized local languages.
Demonym                Barmenian
Government           Monarchical Felinist republic
First                           Juliana I
Last                           Alexia and Justinian
Knsal (Consul)
Legislature             Meclis (Assembly)
Area                          856,800 km²
Population                99,741,356 (3543)
Currency                 Barmenistan (BAR)

The Felinist Republic of Barmenia or Barmenian Felinist Republic was the official name of Barmenistan under the rule of the Mede Dynasty and its subsidiary branches, Temrkai Mede and Mede-Jubilee. Building on the ruling ideology of both the Feline Homeland of Barmenia and the Sacred Feline Empire of Barmenia, the Felinist Republic was officially a Felinist republic under a system of constitutional monarchy. In Barmenian political theory, the Shah/Shahbanu was not an ordinary constitutional monarch, but Jezmrjkai (Brmék: Great Protector) of the Felinist Republic. This being a result of Felinist Barmenistan's historical conflict with several monarchic powers usually affiliated with the Caliphate and Ahmadism, as opposed to Felinist Republicanism. The traditional throne room in Varishehr as well as the institution itself was refereed to as the Sun-Cured Throne.

The constitutional tradition of Barmenistan was based on the principle of subsidiarity, meaning that at least in theory, matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest, or least centralized authority capable of addressing that matter effectively. Many matters ranging from worker's rights, environmental protection, infrastructure and laws on morality were handled at the local level, by the Prtastats, as the federal subjects were called. Despite bans on religious schools and heavy government interference in the religious sphere, the Felinist Republic was a mildly theocratic state, lacking both formal and informal separation of Church and State. The choice of the electorate was widely believed to be divinely inspired, as voters were encouraged by both the government and by the (legal) religious establishment to contemplate, pray and meditate before casting their vote.

The Sun-cured Throne, Varishehr

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