Feminist Party
PresidentHellen Jackson
FounderHellen Jackson
NewspaperThe Equality Press
Think tankThe Center for Queer and Women's Studies
Student wingThe Young Feminists
Direct Action WingThe Equality Project
Membership230,000 est.
IdeologyFeminism, LGBTQ+ Rights, Social Democracy
Political positionCenter-Left
SloganEquality for all! Equality Now!
47 / 150

The Feminist Party (Luthori), more formally known as the Feminist and LGBT Rights Coalition is a socially-liberal center left party that advocates first and foremost for Women's and LGBT rights and interests. Founded by Lawyer Hellen Jackson in 4916 it was built as a way to formalize the political power of sexual and gender minorities in Luthori and stop the power of social conservatism in the nation.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The Party President has absolute power when it comes to strategic decisions the non-governmental party can make. This includes but is not limited too where to distribute funding, the manifesto of the party, however the Party President does not decide the candidates nominated by the Feminist Party, instead using a primary election system in which card caring members of the feminist party get to select their candidates for Imperator. The Prime Minister candidate is selected by an internal election of Feminist MPs. Governmental decisions are dictated by the highest ranking Feminist Party Member in government.

The Party President is selected in a party wide election where registered members of the Feminist Party vote for the party president through an election. If no one gets 50% of the vote a runoff election automatically triggers between the two top contenders.

History[edit | edit source]

Formation (4916-4917)[edit | edit source]

After the Women's March on Fort William Hellen Jackson announced the creation of the Feminist Party. Its first move of action was to petition the Imperial Diet to create declaration of the rights of sexual and gender minorities. As well as protesting and petitioning, the Feminist Party focused on community involvement such as setting up scholarship programs for women and members of the LGBTQ+ community and the I Wont Go Home Campaign, where they legally defended the right for women to work by defending women who were prosecuted in court after the Imperial Diet implemented a ban on women in the work place.

First Term (4917-4919)[edit | edit source]

After the declaration of the Snap Election of May 4917 the Feminist Party were very nervous about their prospects as their electoral infrastructure was very under developed. They did not have an nominee for Imperator or for many diet seats. Despite this lack of infrastructure the Feminist Part had a moderate success in the diet, winning 18 seats and becoming the 5th largest party in the Diet. For the Imperator election, they ran Caroline Smith, a close friend to Hellen Jackson and a Women's Studies Professor who has been working with the party seance its creation. Smith finished in last in the primary election with 11.4%

Despite being in the Opposition the Feminist Party has got key legislation passed, including but not limited to: The Middle Class Economic Plan, The Women's Working Rights Act and the Deceleration of the Rights of Religious Minorities. The Feminist Diet Leader was Janet Oplers, a 67 year old Women's Rights Activist.

The Feminist Party also form the Popular Front, a Coalition of the Feminist Party, The People's Revolution, and the Communist Party to campaign together in local Duchy Elections to try and stop a rightist and fascist take over of local politics.

The Oplers Years (4919-Present)[edit | edit source]

First Term[edit | edit source]

After the mass resignation of several Independent Path members a snap election was called to refill those seats. With the Imperatorship abolished parliamentary elections where the main focus, with the Feminist party winning 33 seats, making it the second biggest party and the biggest left wing party.

After talks with the conservative party the Leftist Coalition gained the ability to form a government. The then 69 year old Oplers became Prime Minister, a position in which she currently holds. Her government focused on common seance governmental reform and was distinct for its non-ideological bent.

Local election[edit | edit source]

The Feminist party, the Communist Party and the People's Revolution formed the Popular Front, a Left Wing Coalition. The Popular Front had massive successes in the 4920 duchy elections, the Feminist in the local elections where seem as much more radical the Feminist in the national diet, showing somewhat of an ideological disconnect.

Second Term[edit | edit source]

In the regularly scheduled 4923 election The Feminist made gains in the Diet, earning 14 seats to the total of 47 seats. 12 of the 14 MID formed the Liberation Caucus, a radical leftist branch of the normally centre-left party, with some of them being former members of the recently abolished People's Revolution. The Caucus was formed by MIP Jammie Maddison and joined by Finance Minister Peter Lionsworth.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Janet Oplers, Prime Minister (4919-Present)

Olivia Knoweles, Defense Minister (4919-Present)

Peter Lionsworth, Finance Minister (4919-Present)

Alexa Inslee, Justice Minister (4919-Present)

Linsey Jackson, Education and Culture Minister (4919-Present)

Electoral Results[edit | edit source]

Parliamentary elections[edit | edit source]

Date Votes % +/- Seats +/- Position Status
4917 7,433,169 11.49 New
18 / 150
Increase 18 5th Opposition
4919 14,130,621 21.74 Increase 10.25 %
33 / 150
Increase 15 2nd Oplers I

Duchy elections[edit | edit source]

Date Seats +/- Governors Cabinets
126 / 505
Increase 126
3 / 5
5 / 5

By region[edit | edit source]

Date Shipleyriding Middenriding Northriding Erneshire Orange
% Seats % Seats % Seats % Seats % Seats
4920 PF
30 / 101
42 / 101
19 / 101
42 / 101
13 / 101
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