First Darnussian Civil War
Jewish PRF soldier.
Date May 2354 - February 2360
Location Great Democratic Republic of Darnussia
Result Government Victory
Particracy Party LogoPopular Revolutionary Front
Jewish National Authority
DarnussianFlag2 Great Democratic Republic of Darnussia
Imperial Power Party
Armando Muammer
Julia Greemgan
~300,000 Militia 250,000 Government Soldiers
~50,000 Militia
Casualties and losses
34,000 Militia
3,000 civilian
5,000 Government Soldiers
9,000 Militia
30,000 civilian

The First Darnussian Civil War was a bloody conflict that was mainly fought in the Island of Shirmania located in Great Democratic Republic of Darnussia. Jewish Nationalists who opposed the governments pro-Hobaist views started the civil war with weapons and assistance they had gained from Jews of Beiteynu, who were fighting against the Pontesian Invasion of Beiteynu at the same time. The war ended in Government Victory and Armando Muammer was given to the authorities.

Roots of the Conflict Edit

After the 2350 Revolution, the parties that had taken part in it were turned on eachother. At first, Darnussian Nationalists were victorious, but soon the power shifted towards Imperial Power Party and their leader, Julia Greemgan. The IPP were fond of [Hobaism], the Hobrazian religion which had many supporters among the Hobrazian Immigrants and even some Darnussians. Hobaism became the state religion, which was heavily disliked by the Jews of Clenon, who had supported the rise of Armando Muammer. Muammers party, Popular Revolutionary Front and their militia group Popular Peacekeeping Brigade, started to run terrorist attacks against the official IPP-led government. Their aims were to unite Darnussia with Beiteynu to create the Jewish Homeland. One of the attacks aimd at the capital building of the government in Doressa. Masked PPB forces opened fire at the building, wounding twelwe people.


Screencap from the PPB video.

Later, the PPB released a video were they claimed that they were behind the attack and explained their reasons.
«The recent attacks on the capital building in Doressa was just a warning. The Popular Peacekeeping Brigade will not stop these attacks untill Darnussia is unified with Beiteynu. We must not rest, not yet, the Jewish Homeland will be established! Many more attacks were be carried out, we ask the Revolutionary Council for Justice and Democracy to accept the demands.»
(From PPB videotape.)

Soon another attack followed, this time in Jewish populated Clenon. It was commited by the PPB to cause unrest in the region. PPB bombed the soccer stadium in Podrueja, one of the largest stadiums in the entire country. Fires set by the PPB terrorist drove the people attending the game into the field when they were trying to get out of the stadium in panic. An ambulance was seen driving to the middle of the people and the field, and then it exploded. The stadium was located in the Christian section of Podrueja, and most of the people who had died were Christian Narikatonites.

The attack forces the Clenon Regional Government to declare martial law, and that is when PRF politician in regional level took over the province.

The War Edit


Areas held and controlled by the National Authority.

After the attacks, Hobaism was turned from state religion to only allowed religion. This officially started the civil war when PRF and Muammer created the Darnussian National Authority, a new revolutionary government in Clenon, which later converted to Jewish National Authority. At first, the PRF claimed that they opposed yet again another minority taking over the nation, this time the Hobaists who were supported by the official government.

Since there was no official military in the nation after the 2350 Revolution, PRF forces easily captured the southern parts of Clenon, and were moving towards Nihaton.

«The Imperial party thinks that they can make a religious minority an all powerful force. In the Darnussian Sovereigny Council it clearly states Members of the DSC must resist any attacks on Darnussian freedom from any foreign power or minority and to keep our homeland free from oppression. But the Imperial party has joined the minorities to attack Darnussian freedom. We ask the people not to be distracted by the Imperial party's populist platform as they are tricking you into voting for them. We are establishing the Darnussian National Authority in the provinces of Clenon and Nahiton in order to ensure the populace their safety. We ask all Darnussian regardless of religion, wether Jewish or Muslim to stand up for your rights against the aggressors! Viva a free Darnussia!»
( Armando Muammer when the civil war erupted.)

Soon however, PRF started to form Death Squads in Clenon and Nihaton to cleanse Darnussia from Hobaists. Young boys and all men were killed, while some women were used as personal slaves by the PRF forces. Since Hobaists were a small minority in Darnussia, they were hard to find. However since Hobaims had becomen only allowed religion, many Christians had officially converted to it, even though they were not Hobaists in practice. Most of the civilians killed were converted christians, which angered the Narikatonites who started to set up their own militias, spanning from notorious ex-members of The Klan, which commited revenge attacks against Jewish population.

The government forces did not actively participate in this warfare as their priority was to maintain and protect the mainland and Narikaton. Some were sent to Nihaton, but most of them remained in peacefull regions during the conflict. The JNA was unable to conquer Nihaton and when the Hobrazian Minister of Foreign Affairs said that they were considering the possibility of interfering for the Hobaist population, PRF leadership made their own decission and replaced Armando Mummer from the leadership. After the peace treaty was signed, they handed him over to the officials.

Aftermath and consequences Edit

It is widely believed that the Civil War was the reason why many Darnussians decided to support the IPP and the Hobaists in the future elections. Many considered that the IPP had saved them from the terror caused by PRF and that they were more reliable to lead the country than the Nationalists. The conflict also hurt the Jewish and Narikatonite relations, which led to some hatered towards the Jewish Population that 300 years later erupted in Deimore Incident.

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