First Dranian Private University
Type Private, Non-Profit
Established c. 2190
Country DranianFederationFlag Dankuk
Location Iglesia Mayor
President Georg St-Martin
Administrative Staff 2,120
Students 21,305
Undergraduates 14,983
Postgraduates 7,235
Campus Urban
Colors Navy      
Athletics Ice Hockey, Soccer, Tennis
Mascot Hawk

The First Dranian Private University (FDPU) is a private research university located in Iglesia Mayor, Dankuk. The institution was founded around 2190, not long after the founding of independent Dranland. FDPU is the highest ranked university in Dankuk and holds a very prestigious reputation.

The student body consists of almost 15,000 undergraduate students and over 7,000 graduate students.

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Juche3 Democratic People's Republic of Kyoseon
Pyongro (Capital)
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Ethnicity: Kyo

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