First Lord François Gualladet, CC, SN
François Gualladet
Premier Lord de le Très Honorable Haute Cour de Conseil de Son Altesse royale
Term 2884 - 2889
Monarchs HRH Queen Sophie Irène
Predecessor Camille Daladier
Successor Incumbent
Premier Ministre
Term March 2863 - October 2865
Successor HRH Prince Charles (PRT)
Chairman of the Union Royale
Term 2860 - 2883
Predecessor Pascal Dupont
Personal Information
Spouse Géraldine Pathé-Gualladet
  • Axelle Flore Gualladet-Carême
  • Anne Ophélie Gualladet-Delerue
Father Frank Émeric Gualladet
Mother Nadia Yvette Marat-Gualladet
Date of Birth 8 April 2832
Date of Death 19 February 2894
Political Information
Political Party Union Royale
Titles Held
  • First Lord of the Most Honorable High Court of Council for the Monarch of Kanjor (2884 - )
  • Lord from Nasbourg (2883 - )
  • Chairman of the Union Royale (2842 - 2848)
  • Prime Minister of Kanjor (2863 - 2865)
  • MEG-Martois (2854 - 2882)

François Gualladet, Premier Lord of the Court and Seigneur de Nasbourg (b.2832 - d.2894) was a politician and former Chairman of the Union Royale party of Kanjor.

Early LifeEdit

- grew up in middle class neighborhood in rapidly expanding Nasbourg; father was a restaurant owner

- François spent much of his spare time helping the family at the restaurant; here he rubbed shoulders with rich patrons and people in powerful positions

- he developed a knack for talking to people and often spent hours talking with the staff of the restaurant, learning how to "charm people using nothing but a big smile and an open demeanor"

- was cited once as saying "I learned public speaking in the back of that restaurant from non-other than Amable the chef de plúnge (dishwasher); he thought he was teaching me to charm girls, little did he and I know that he was really teaching me to charm crowds"

- highly popular student; pursued Séries générales for his Cycle avancée year ... grades were only adequate

- highly accomplished athlete; youth & club rugby player

- attended Université de la Paroisse Côtes-d'Armor (Nasbourg) to pursue an accounting degree, but switched to political science

- involved with student government; began many social and political clubs

- worked on the campus' liberal newspaper

Political LifeEdit

Early Political CareerEdit

Royal CourtEdit

Execution Edit

- after encouraging the Queen to flee to Rildanor, Gualladet attempted to leave Kanjor. Arrested at the border, he was charged with treason against the Communist regime.

- executed in 2994, the first casualty of a so-called 'Monarchist Purge'. The execution recaived a mixed reaction; minor protests in Numineux and Oléri-des-Grâces, however strong support in Martois.

- Gualladet's execution preceded the creation of the People's Commission, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Kanjoriens.


- married Géraldine Pathé-Gualladet, a primary school teacher, in 2848. Pathé-Gualladet was executed by order of the People's Commission in November 2894; she was charged with committing "gross acts of exploitation" by the Commission.

- two daughters, Axelle and Anne.

- Axelle was a primary school teacher in Foulouse, Martois before she was executed by the People's Commission in 2894. Her body was strung up in the streets of Martois with banners brandishing her an "Enemy of the People".

- Anne was a registered nurse in Pesançon, Numineux, and received support from an underground network of Monarchists who assisted her in an escape to Rildanor. In Rildanor Anne became a human rights activist and sought to expose the atrocities committed by the People's Commission.

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