Imperial Federation of Sekowo

Sekowo Flag 2.png
  2723-2891   Flagofsekowo.png
Sekowo Flag 2

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

"Lost Carcosa"
Capital                     Kasmenai
Languages             Kunikata, Orinco, Canrillaise
Government           Empire

Legislature             Folkstämma

The Commonwealth era officially ended in 2723 as a result of the massive change in the government from a semi-presidential Federation into a Federal monarchy, the First Sekowan Empire. In 2723, following the passing of the 'Empire Bill' Sekowo officially became a Monarchy, however, while the Ishida Dynasty was considered at the time, it would be the House of Reynard that would take hold the position of Imperial Family. In 2852, following the 'Imperial Family Bill' the Ishida Dynasty became the Official Imperial House of Sekowo.

It was during this time that Sekowo lost all of its colonial possessions, having sold them in March 2874 to the Holy Luthori Empire and March 2875 to the Federation of Zardugal. This action was contested at the time, because the territories sold were officially States of the Empire, and although the selling of the protectorates was overturned by later governments, they remain under foreign occupation, a cause of much vexation to Sekowan nationalists.

In November 2891 after months of internal political conflict and tension, a semi-presidential parliamentary democracy was created unanimously by the Senate, under the title of People's Democratic Republic of Sekowo.

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Geography Dovani, Barrier Range, Great Northern Dovani Plain
Demographics Ethnicities: Sekowans, Kunihito, Gao-Showa, Sécowonnais, Orinco, Kli'kut, Kuragao
Religions: Mazdâyanâ and Zenshō Daenism, Kamism, Jienism, Guidao, Native Beliefs, Aurorian Patriarchal Church, Orinco Polytheism
Languages: Sekowan, Kunikata, Canrillaise, Orinco, Tsekwon
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