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Flag of the Free Republic of Dankuk
대단민국의 국기
Above: Lesser Flag of Dankuk
Below: Greater Flag of Dankuk
Names 홍색태극기(The Red Taegeukgi)

태극기(The Taeguk Flag)

Use National and Civil flag
Adopted 12/26/48
Design Red Taegeukgi with 8 white trigrams. Fringed with Draddwyr black.
Designer Pak Woo-Bin

The Flag of the Free Republic of Dankuk, commonly referred to as the Taegeukgi, is the state, national, and civil flag of Dankuk. It was adopted officially December 26 4948 and succeeded the Rogonggi, and consists of a national/lesser and a greater design.


The flag of Dankuk may be freely desecrated by citizens and foreigners alike. Although the greater and lesser flags are given equal legal status, de facto the lesser flag is the only design used regularly. The greater flag is almost exclusively reserved for ceremonies and state gatherings of extreme importance.

Legal Description[]

The Flag Law of the Republic describes the flag as follows:

The National Flag of Dankuk is a red fielded Taegeukgi fringed with black. The Red represents the blood, heart, and spirit of those who built up Dankuk and contributed to her history. The trigrams are indicative of symbolic and multiple themes - such as Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, and Ground. The cog is representative of the industry and technological inventiveness of the Dranian people. The Taeguk represents the multicultural nature of Dankuk, with the unity of the lobes representing the Draniano people (who are a mix of different ethnicities). The black fringe of the flag represents the Draddwyr people, and is invocative of the Dranish Black Banner. The white color of the trigrams represents the Kyo people, who were known to traditionally wear white clothing.

The Greater Flag of the Republic may be used to substitute the National Flag, and it's design is that of the National Flag fringed in black tassels.


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Dankuk's flag has seen many changes throughout the years, often for political reasons. The current flag is seen as a compromise between the Rowiet past and Republican future, with the red motif of the old flag remaining. Traditional elements of Dankuk's 3 main ethnic groups evoke the united cultural identity of the nation as well as the historical glories of the past.

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