Landscape of Florenza
Country Istalia
Region Padagna
Government Mayor–council
  Governing body City Council
  Mayor (Sindaco) Matteo Rensi (4602)
  Ruling party(s) Socialists & Democrats
Area 47 km²
Population 5,068,739

Florenza, is a city in the Istalian region of Padagna. The city lays on the shores of the Bellavista River not far from the center istalian lakes. It is an important cultural center, renowed for its artistic heritage having being one of the cities protagonist of the istalian Renascentia. From Florenza came artists recognized worldwide as genius of humanity like Riccardo Da Assise and Antonangelo.


Ancient HistoryEdit

Florenza rose along one of the few fords of the Bellavista River and became the main point of access and arrives of the merchant carovaners from and to the Desert of Pheikran. The [[[History of Istalia#The Rise of the Kingdom of Kerron, 590 BCE-365 BCE|Kingdom of Kerron]] established in site a market and a trade hub to the northern territories. The market was populated by former nomadic populations of the area, ready to contrast the Kerronite dominion at any occasion. During several invasions from the Northern Ayyadan, the city population tried to oust the Kerronite joke and for this reason the city was punished heavily several time by the Kerronite Kings, often burning all the city. Despite this, the city always recovered being an important trade hub.

The area suffered a lot from the following invasions which contributed to the fall of the Kingdom of Kerron and the city of Florenza became matter of dispute for the several Ayyadan warlords. Only with the arrival of the Augustan Forces some order was established and indeed all the Padagnan centers prospered under this large empire.

Florenza, then, entered in the sphere of interest of the Kingdom of Tulino, one of the four Kingdoms emerged after the Augustan Dominion. The Kingdom of Tulino, however, during the Renascentia was forced to recognize the authonomy if not indipendence of many communal regime of some cities, like Florenzia, which since 14th century arose in prominence as artistic and financial center.

Modern and recent historyEdit

For a brief period Florenza fell under the control of the Kingdom of Fidelia, at least until the Quanzars began to subjugate territories in north Istalia. Florenza followed the fate of the regimes which since 18th century controlled the area. The city was elevated to the status of provincial capital when the First Istalian Republic was founded in 2263, recognized as important historical site for the Istalian culture.



The local form of government of the city follow the model of the mayor–council government system, with a mayor (Istalian: sindaco) elected by voters, and a unicameral council as the legislative branch (Istalian: Consiglio). To the mayor is given almost total administrative authority and a clear, wide range of political independence, with the power to appoint and dismiss department heads and furthermore he prepares and administers the city budget, although most part of the decisions must be approved by the council.

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