Conservative and Monarchist Alliance for Justice!
Alliance Conservatrice et Monarchiste Pour la Justice!
Abbreviation FJ!
Leader Alicia Hauet
President Jean-François Gide
Secretary-General Théo Subercaseaux
Founder Patrice Ardouin
Founded 3rd July 4418
Preceded by People for Justice!
Newspaper Patriot's Voice
Student wing Students for Justice!
Youth wing Just Future
Women's wing Women for Justice!
Membership 3,043,882
Ideology Monarchism, conservatism
Political position Centre-right
Royal Assembly
148 / 200
Principality governments
5 / 5
For Justice! (Canrillaise: Pour la Justice!), officially the Conservative and Monarchist Alliance for Justice! (Canrillaise:Alliance Conservatrice et Monarchiste Pour la Justice!) is a centre-right political party in Lourenne. Since February 4486, For Justice! has been the dominant partner in a "grand monarchist coalition" with the National Royalist Party. Throughout this period it has maintained large legislative majorities, currently possessing ninety-six seats more than the National Royalists in the Royal Assembly. For Justice! is also the largest political party at the principality-level, controlling all five of the country's regional governments.

At present, the party is led politically by the Lourennais High Chancellor Alicia Hauet, who was elected as party leader shortly after the party was reorganised under the stewardship of Iktan Chamer. Jean-François Gide serves as the party's President, in addition to being the Foreign Minister of Lourenne. In addition to its national leadership, the party elects leaders at the various sub-national levels which exist in Lourenne.

Originally founded as People for Justice! by Patrice Ardouin in 4418, the party contested several elections in its first incarnation before dissolving due for chiefly financial reasons. In 4485, the political party was reinvented as the Conservative and Monarchist Alliance for Justice! and adopted a more mainstream political platform as well as one which contained an explicit commitment to the Lourennais monarchy. Since its reorganisation, the party has emerged victorious in five consecutive legislative elections.

The political programme of For Justice! has been described as "pragmatic conservatism", "big tent" and "paternalist monarchism" by various political commentators. In its first incarnation, the party was identified with the "cultural preservationist" movement and described itself as "libertarian". After reorganisation, the party has adopted a more mainstream conservative approach with an emphasis on monarchism, pragmatism and institutionalism as its core values.

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