Because Sekowo is such a diverse and politically active country many parties have existed throughout its history.

The following is an [incomplete] list of former parties that have been present in Sekowan politics.

Name Political Spectrum Religious Standing
Allied Future Unknown Secular
Anarcho-Socialist Revolutionary Council Anarcho-Socialism Atheist
Anti-Federalists of Free Sekowo Center-Right Secular
Archonic Union of Politeia Archonic Libertarian Hellenic Polytheism
Aretist Conservative Party of Sokowo Fascist Unknown
Aristocracy United Plutocratic Secular
Authoritarian Communist Party Leninism State Atheist
Axis Sekowo Deific Aretist Party Aretism Aretism
Black Flag Anarchist Party Anarchism Secular
Black Nobles Movement Unknown Unknown
Bolivarian Circle Revolutionary Democratic Socialism Secular
Center-Right Conservitives Right of Center Secular
Chattes en Chaleur Progressive Populist Secular
Christian Democratic Party Conservative Christian Democracy Christianity
Christians for a New World Conservate Evangelical Christianity
Communist Party Communism Atheist
Communist Party of Sekowo Marxist-Lenninist Secular
Citizen's Communist Council Libertarian Socialist Secular
Capitalist Party of Sekowo Far Right Unknown
Central Union of Trade and Economy Centrist Libertarianism Secular
Hellenic-Democratic Liberal Party Religious Libertarian Hellenic Polytheism
Communist Party of the Union of Sekowo Communist Secular
Conservative Christian Party of Sekowo Conservative Christianity
Cruzada Tradicionalista Sekowana Authoritarian Left Secular
Democratic Party Liberal Secular
Democratic Party Left of Center Secular
Democratic Green Party Left of Center Secular
Democratic Party of Sekowo Left of Center Secular
Drake Party Libertarian Secular
Fascist Party Fascist Secular
FBP Unknown Unknown
Filliam H. Muffman Party Social Democratic Secular
Federal Republican Party Far-Right Unknown
Flavian Aretic Archonate Aretic Archonism Unknown
Free Democratic Party Classic Liberal Secular
Free Workers Party Left-Labour Secular
Gecko Party Unknown Secular
Grand National Party Liberal Conservative Secular
Imperial Socialists Party Imperial Socialist Atheist
Independence Coalition Libertarian Secular
Liberal Conservative Party Liberal Conservative Secular
Liberal Party Liberalism Secular
Liberal Social Democratic Republicans Liberal Social Democrat Secular
LibSoc Libertarian Socialist Secular
Manche Movement Social Revolution Secular
Militarist Party of Sekowo Militarism Unknown
Minarchist Party Minarchist Secular
Ministerial Party Fascist Secular
Movimiento Nacional Nationalist Catholicism
Movimiento Republicca Nueva (SPPF) Socialist Secular
National Party of the Sekowo People Populist Secular
National Socialist Worker's Party Unknown Christianity
Nazi Party of Sekowo Nazism Unknown
Negrocios Platano Unidos Liberalism Secular
Neo-Libertarian Party of Sekowo Left Libertarian Secular
New Communist Party of Sekowo Communist Secular
New Democratic Union Social Democratic Secular
Normand Pluralist Party Pluralist Secular
Pan-Sekowan Conservative Union Liberal Conservative Secular
Pan-Sekowan Fascist Front Fascist Unknown
Pan-Sekowo Freedom Alliance Right of Center Secular
Partie de la Révolution de Sekowo Authoritarian Left Secular
Patria Para Todos Left Nationalist Secular
Peasant Party of Sekowo Rural Marxist Secular
People's Liberation Army Socialist Secular
Plato's Republican Party Greco-Republican Secular
Progressive Party Libertarian Socialism Secular
Progress and Liberty Party Social Democratic Atheist
Red Puma Party Socialist Secular
ReSocialists party Communist Atheist
Revolutionary Communist Party Marxist-Leninism State Atheist
Revolutionary Party of Vaues and Rights Far Right Secular
Revolutionary State Socialist Party Collectivism Atheist
Sekowan Communist Party Left Communism Atheist
Sekowan Democrats Progressive Social Democracy Secular
Sekowan Freedom Party Libertarian Secular
Sekowan Independent Party Conservative Libertarian Secular
Sekowan National Peace Party Stalinist Islamic Rastafarianism
Sekowan Revolutionary Democratic League Revolutionary Socialism Secular
Sekowan Social-Democratic Party Social Democratic Secular
Sekowo Fascist Party Fascist Secular
Sekowo Great Proletarian Party Revolutionary Socialism Secular
Sekowo Green Party Green Politics Secular
Sekowo National Alliance Socialist Secular
Sekowan National Independence Party Nationalism Unknown
Sekowo Socialist Party Socialist Secular
Sekowon People's Party Populist Secular
Socialist Party Socialist Secular
Socialist Party* Socialist Secular
Socialist Party Marxist-Leninism State Atheist
Socialist Party of Sekowo Socialist Secular
Soviet Revolutionaries Council Communism Atheist
Statist Federation Fascism Unknown
SuperHuman Creation Party Unknown Unknown
Technocratic Green Party Green Technocracy Secular
Temple of Hasowar Far Right Religious
The Christians for a New Land Conservate Christian
The Fellow Winds Republic Unknown Unknown
The Greenest Sekowian Movement for Peace Left Libertarian Secular
The New Hope Party Unknown Unknown
The Worker's Communist Party of Sekowo Communist Secular
Trotskyist Party Trotskyism Secular
Union for Liberal Sekowo Liberalism Secular
United Land Movement Egilism Religious
United Workers Party Socialism Secular
Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons Party Communitarian Secular
Workers Action Front Revolutionary Communist State Atheist
Zapista Socialist Party Socialist Secular
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