Arch-Patriarch Francis I
Arc-Patriarche François I
Francis I Theognosian Arch-Patriarch.jpg
Birth Name Francesco Fabiani
officially registred as
Franchesko Fabianski
Born 25 December, 2145
Died 13 April 2206
Occupation Arch-Patriarch (2195-2206)
Preceded By Arch-Patriarch Pius II
Church fathers
Replaced by Arch-Patriarch Léo I
Nationality Deltarian/Quanzari
Ethnicity Dissuwan
Religion Terran Patriarchal Church,
later Theognosian Church

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Franchesko Fabianski ("Deltarianized" form of the origianl Istalian Francesco Fabiani) was born in Dissuwa, Deltaria in 2145, from an Istalian family which left Quanzar, as it was known Istalia at the time, because the anti-religious sentiments at the time in the Union of Quanzari Soviets, furthermore still led by Ahmadi Majtrans, hostile to the istalians, but not much is known of the youth of young Fabiani or Fabianiski. His parents were devout followers of the Terran Patriarchal Church and became strong supporters of the organizational theological reforms of Arch-Patriarh Pius II. In 2155, the Fabianski family fled to Quanzar to avoid persecution in Deltaria at the hands of the Terran Patriarchal Church and thus became some of the earliest members of the newly-established Theognosian Church.

Priesthood[edit | edit source]

Eventually the young Franchesko made the decision to become a Theognosian priest and attended the inaugural year of the Theognosian seminary in Saint-Claire, Martois, Kanjor. After more than five years in seminary, Franchesko became a priest where he moved up the ranks quickly; attaining the rank of Bishop and then a Cardinal position before the age of 40. In 2195, more than forty years after the death of Arch-Patriarch Pius II, Fabianski was crowned as the de facto first Arch-Patriarch of the Theognosian Church in a large Papal Coronation ceremony in Saint-Claire, Martois, Kanjor as François I.

Patriarchal Reign[edit | edit source]

On 1 August 2195 Fabianski was crowned Arch-Patriarch in a small Coronation ceremony which was also the first Patriarchal Coronation for the Theognosian Church. He took the name Arch-Patriarch François I, a surprise to many who expected him to become Pius III. However, François stated that it was too disrespectful to take the name of "such a great, holy, and Godly man" as his own, and declared that no Arch-Patriarch in the future could hope to live up to the piety and quality of such a man.

As Arch-Patriarch, his first act was to anoint Arch-Patriarch Pius II a "Saint and an Eternal Arch-Patriarch of All Humanity".

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