Franz VI

Emperor of Hulstria

Great Prince of Trigunia

Emperor of Hulstria
Reign 2747-2798
Predecessor Heinrich II
Successor Alexander I of Hulstria & Trigunia
Consort Empress Catherine
Issue Alexander, Crown Prince of Hulstria
Archduke Rudolph
Archduchess Cristyne
Imperial Dynasty Rothingren-Traugott
Grand Duke of Talmoria
Reign 2754-2769
Predecessor None; Inagural Holder
Successor Monarchy Abolished in 2769 (Edward III of Luthori & Alduria reclaimed throne in 2788 for Rothingren-Traugott)
General Information
Date of Birth April 17th, 2710
Date of Death December 19th, 2798
Parents Heinrich II, Andela Lineykova

His Imperial and Most Illustrious Lutheran Majesty Franz VI of Hulstria (b. April 17th, 2710, Greater Hulstria-December 19th, 2798) was the former Emperor of Hulstria and claimant to the throne in Trigunia as Great Prince. Born to Heinrich II and Andela Lineykova, Franz also held for a short period the imperial title of the "Grand Duke of Talmoria", holding the country in personal union in 2754 with the Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria before the monarch was abolished in in 2769; a few decades later the Talmori Grand Duchy was re-established under Edward III of Luthori & Alduria, who reclaimed the throne to bring it back under the House of Rothingren-Traugott name.

Called the "Iron Phoenix" by many Hulstrians because of his general posture and commanding personality, Franz VI's reign is considered to be one of the most peaceful periods in Hulstrian history next to that of his great-great grandfather, Heinrich I.

Titles & Syles Edit

Imperial Flag
  • Prince-Royal of Alduria
Primary form of address
  • His Imperial Highness François, Prince-Royal of Alduria

Hulstrian Phoenix Flag
Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria:
  • Crown Prince of Hulstria (April 17th, 2710 – 2747)
  • Emperor of Hulstria (2747 – Present)
Primary form of address
  • His Imperial Majesty (2710 – 2747)
  • His Imperial and Most Illustrious Lutheran Majesty Franz VI (October 14 2658 – Present)
Luthori Imperial Flag
The Holy Luthori Empire:
  • Prince-Royal of Luthori
  • His Imperial Highness
Primary form of address
  • His Imperial Highness Franz, Prince-Royal of Luthori
Trigunia Bear 2
The Great Princedom of Trigunia:
  • Great Prince of Trigunia (2747 – Present)
Primary form of address

Talmoria Imperial 2 Grand Duchy of Talmorschland

  • Grand Duke of Talmorschland (2754 – 2769)
Primary form of adress
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