Free Beiteynu!
Time In Activity 2163 - 2175 (officially)
Ideology Beiteynu Nationalism
Leadership Tódor Nehrun

Free Beiteynu! was an organisation founded in 2163 to fight the three nation occupation of Beiteynu. This had occured following the defeat of the Second Jewish Homeland in the Beiteynu-Darnussian war and had resulted in it being split between Darnussia, Barmenistan and Pontesi.

Initially the organisation hoped to achieve its aims through non-violent measures however by the late 2160's hardline elements had resorted to terrorism. What began with a series of low level attacks on military barracks soon became a nationwide series of bombings and assassinations.

By 2173, like in the 1960's, the region had become both dangerous and unprofitable and the three nations decided to unilaterally withdraw from Beiteynu. In the same year the Third Jewish Homeland of Beiteynu was declared independent.

Officially the organisation disbanded in 2175, two years after Beiteynu was declared re-independent, but conspiracy theorists argue that it was merely incorporated into the nations intelligence agency. Furthermore it is alleged that it was nearly always under the control of the Judean People's Front and the shady Snakes On A Plane fraternity. Such theorists believe it was through the FB!O that the JPF and the SOAP were able to seize dictatorial control in the end years of the Third Jewish Homeland. It is largely suspected that whatever remained of the organisation by the 24th century was fully incorporated into the Beiteynu Resistance Committee.

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