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Fritz Melchior Schulz
Fritz Melchior Schulz

2nd Conservative Party Leader
Assumed office 
January 2531
Preceded by

1st Conservative Party Deputy Leader
In office
December 2519 – December 2530
Succeeded by

Member of Folkstämma
for Undarro
In office since
September 2523

23 September 2476
Political party
Kathrin Stefanie Zucker (m. 2498)
Willi Ute (b. 2501), Christina Isabel (b. 2504), Maria Katrina (b. 2506)
Businessman, Politician
Christian (Catholic)

Fritz Melchior Schulz, MF, is the protégé of Kurt Heinz Baumgartner, founder of the Conservative Party of Sekowo, and younger brother of Baumgartner's wife, Miriam. He has served as the CFO of Baumgartner Holdings since 2502, after climbing the company ladder. He serves as a Tory politician as candidate for Head of Government and Deputy Leader.

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