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Front National Party
Leader Johann Saltzmann
Founded 2409
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Lerna
Nation The Realm of Pontesi
Ideology Radical Nationalism
Political Position Far-Right
International Affiliations Radical Nationalists
Colours 00000
Website [www.frontnational.pon]

The Front National Party was founded in 2409 in Pontesi. It took the mantle of the leadership of the Radical Nationalist Movement from the National Front Party, which ceased to exist in that same year. It is run by Johann Saltzmann.


The party was founded in 2409. It performed miserably in the elections of 2410, as it was unprepared. In 2410, it founded the Global Nationalist Movement, and invited dozens of other parties from around the world with similar views to join it.


The Front National Party is in accord with the Radical Nationalist principles.

1. They believe in the creation of a voluntary state religion, reflecting the culture of the people.

2. They believe in the death penalty and, in extreme circumstances, torture as methods of punishing treason, first-degree murder, and other capital crimes.

3. They believe in the sanctity of the traditional family, and are therefore against gay marriage and abortion, except in cases where the life of the mother is at risk.

4. They believe that the international community cannot and should not interfere in a country's build-up of military power.

5. They believe that it is the duty of the State to project its power abroad, thus showing the supremacy of its own culture. They therefore pursue expansionist and interventionist foreign policies.

6. They are vehemently opposed to multiculturalism, and place restrictions on immigration.

7. They believe that the state should provide health care, education, legal counsel, defence industries, and other institutions to its people, but these should exist along private options.

8. They believe in patriotic education and instilling a sense of sacrifice for the Nation in each child.

9. They believe the military should consist of only men in combat roles, and that each adult male must serve a term in the military or in the civilian national service (police, firefighting, etc.) after completion of education.

10. The Front National government would encourage the arts, giving grants to universities to promote the work of poets, sculptors, painters, photographers, writers, singers, historians, philosophers, and other members of the intelligentsia so long as that work pertains to the advancement of the National Cultural Interest.

Election Results[]

In 2410, the unprepared Front National Party only earned about 0.05% of votes in Pontesi, and did not win a single seat.


At the present, the Front National has only 3,000 registered members.

Pn1.png Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth
Dawnstar (capital)
History & Economy History of Pontesi, Pontesian Civil War
Geography Migrant's Pass
Demographics Arev Mardik, Seluco-Pontesians
Culture National Anthem: Oh Fatherland
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