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Fronte Socialista
Luthorian: Socialist Front
Fronte Socialista
Clinio Di Clemente
"Guidati dal popolo!"
April 4185
Romula, Mezzodiurno
Youth wing
Giovani Sociali
Student wing
Consiglio degli Studenti
Social Militarism, Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Social Progressivism, Environmentalism, Internationalism
Political position
Left Wing
International affiliation
International Greens

International Secularist Society Socialist International

International Labour Movement
Seats in Senato della Repubblica
0 / 100
Seats in Camera dei Deputati
0 / 635
Regione control
0 / 5
Politics of Istalia
Political parties in Istalia
Elections in Istalia

Fronte Socialista (Luthorian: Socialist Front) is left wing political party in the Istalian Republic. It was founded in April 4185 by Lautone Coppola.

History Edit

The party contested its first election in 4186 becoming the second political force of the Country with 132 seats, only 5 less than the major party. Its entering into the Alliance of Progressives for Istalia the party fueled the long lasting coalition with fresh ideas and new force, but this encouraged the Greens and the Socialdemocrats to take more leftist positions, something which after nine years will cause the end of the Alliance.
In 4190 Socialist Front gained 123 seats, as well as the Conservative Populars, gaining the right to form a new Progressive Government. After less than an year, however, the party was targetted by the Justice for bribe and corruption affairs. The scandal and the involvement of many of its members led to the dissolvement of the Party in 4191.

Social Militarism Edit

Social Militarism is a political ideology that supports a balance between military policy and social policies.

Party Leadership Edit

Government Edit

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