Gruppo Finanziario Casa Appiano De Borromei
GFCAB logo
Type Private
Industry Financial services
Founded 4585, Istalia
Headquarters 123 Viale Majatra, Romula, Mezzodiurno
Area served Istalia, Terra
Key people Emperor of the Istalians (CEO)
Services Private Banking, Asset management, Hedge fund and Private equity
Owner Appiano Foundation
Employees 2,105
GFCAB, acronym for Gruppo Finanziario Casa Appiano De Borromei (Luthorian: House of Appiano De Borromei Financial Group), is a large family-owned private financial banking and asset management group in Istalia. GFCAB is owned by the Imperial House of Istalia through the Appiano Foundation and led by its family members with the Head of the House, the Emperor of the Istalians, as CEO and other members as part of the Board of Directors.


The GFCAB was founded in 4585 on suggestion of at the time Prince of the Crown Alessandro with the assent of Emperor Michele I to operate on investment funds, hedge funds and private equity investments with which to recover resources for the Imperial House but also for cultural and philanthropic activities beneficial for the country.

In 4589 was then founded the Appiano Foundation as a portfolio of private companies, museums, and art collections owned by the Imperial Family of Istalia which, before to be elevated to the Imperial dignity, boasted a long lasting aristocratic history which granted to the family the ownership of historical palaces as well as artistic collections but also economic activities like the agrifood companies which manage the family's real estates, producing also wine and other agrifood derivates, and finally owning a moltitude of properties and estates in Istalia and abroad.


GFCAB is headquartered in Romula and maintains 2,105 employees in over 20 offices around the globe, Majatra, Artania, Seleya, Dovani and Makon.

GFCAB operates through several divisions:

Private Banking: GFCAB provides wealth management services to private clients.

Alternative Asset Management: GFCAB is an alternative investment manager, with around £20 billion of capital invested in investment funds, hedge funds and private equity investments.

Philanthropy and Impact Investing: GFCAB invests heavily in social enterprises and GFCAB Impact for social aimed to generate specific beneficial social or environmental effects in addition to financial gain. More then half of the revenues from the GFCAB are used for social benefits of Istalia.

The company has made several acquisitions of high value transactions since it was founded, among which other banks and investment agencies as well as assets manager companies.

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