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Galt Freyja IV
Felis Supremis of Barmenia
ReignAugust 14th, 3393 -
September 9th 3399 (de facto)
PredecessorGalt Freyja III
BornSeptember 7th, 3359
Sekhmet, Feline Homeland of Barmenia
DiedNovember 18th, 3359
Rimayhua, Suyu Llaqta (Imperial Crownlands of Hulstria and Gao-Soto)
SpouseRodentia Hunter
FatherGalt Freyja III
MotherMiranda Freyja
ReligionOrthodox Felinism
OccupationWriter, Politician

Galt Freyja IV was the legendary last Felis Supremis (Supreme Cat) of the Feline Homeland of Barmenia, recognized as the latest incarnation of Bastet the Moon Goddess by the Orthodox sect of Felinism, a position normally held by a cat.



Rise to Power[]


War in Davostan[]


Disappearance and death[]

Galt Freyja IV was supposedly lost along with his spouse and deputy Rodentia Hunter at sea while searching for new lands to colonize in the Third World. Centuries later it was revealed that Galt Freyja successfully landed in Suyu Llaqta, back then a colony of Hulstria and Gao-Soto, and attempted to incite the local cats and humans to revolt against Hulstrian rule. He and his small group of followers were apprehended by Hulstrian colonial authorities and were then summarily executed for espionage. Since this occurred at the height of the IML-ATR conflict, their deaths were kept a secret.

Legacy and legend[]

Since Galt Freyja IV's disappearance many prophesies, tales, and legends emerged that he would one day return and bring a colony and untold riches to the faithful Felinist people of Barmenistan. During the centuries after his disappearance Orthodox Felinists would keep hope that the Felis Supremis was still alive and that on his return he would cleanse Barmenistan of the heretical Felinist monarchy of House Mede and of Ahmadi and Hosian rule.

In the late 43rd century, due to close dynastic and political ties between the Hulstrian and Barmenian governments, a number of secret documents regarding Galt Freyja were transferred to Barmenistan. In 4296 the Barmenian government publicly revealed Galt Freyja's death, which caused much consternation among the Orthodox population of Barmenistan and largely extinguished the lingering Orthodox hope in his return.

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