Game Masters (also known as moderators or collectively as the mod team) are a few special figures within the game who have been judged by Wouter Lievens to be trusted enough and experienced enough to take a special role in the running of the game. These players become game masters.

Game master responsibilitiesEdit

  • Moderation of forums (removing content in contravention of forum rules, warning against ad hominem attacks and the ilk)
  • Reactivation of parties (changing the status on inactive parties so they can return to the game
  • Country name changes (pending the passage of a bill with 2/3rds of a national legislature in support)
  • Multi-account searches (looking for any users who have multiple accounts and taking the appropiate action - usually inactivation of all accounts)
  • General game queries and moderation
  • At times they can check up on you and make sure all the rules are implemented
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