Gao-Showa Imperial Revolutionary Front

가오 쇼와 제국의 혁명 전선/ Gaw-Siowa Blaen Brenhinol Chwyldroadol/ Gao-Jova Frente Revolucionario Imperial

Chairman Yi Esteban
Foundation October 2963
Dissolution September 3002
Ideologies Zenshō Socialism, Gao-Showa Nationalism, Pan-Dovanism
Position Far Left
International Affiliation International Zenshō Socialist Party
Secondary Affiliation League against Imperialism and Colonial oppression
HQ Gongmangdo, Elbian
Nation Deulatoji
Website www.hageugsang.dr

The Gao-Showa Imperial Revolutionary Front was a major political party in the Enlightened People's Republic of Deulatoji. Its ideology was Zenshō Socialism, and the party was also a supporter of Pan-Dovanism. From 2967 until 2985, the Front was the only legal party in Drania.


The party was founded at a time of intense Gao-Showa nationalism in all of Dovani, a period which coincided with the Second Sekowan Empire and the Great Sekowian War. In this context, the Kyo of Drania began to adopt a clearer identity as members of the Gao-Showa ethnic group. At this time, Drania was a Theocracy, ruled by the Universal Church of Terra, which was intolerant to religious or national expressions from the non-Draniano population of Drania.

As a reaction to this intolerance, the Kyo created the Gao-Syowa Jegug-ui Hyeogmyeong Jeonseon (Gao-Showa Imperial Revolutionary Front), to protest against the Theocratic regime. When it was created, the party had as its goals the liberation of the Kyo and Welsh, joining the Second Sekowan Empire, and an end to persecutions against the Daenists. But since the Theocracy proved unwilling to listen to these demands, the party sponsored a large number of nationalist protests.

The forceful dispersion of one of these protests in 2964 eventually led to the start of the Dranian Zenshō Revolution. The Gao-Showa Imperial Revolutionary Front was the leading party of the revolution, therefore when the revolution ended with the abdication of Rodrigo I of Drania in 2967, the Front became the only ruling party in Drania, remaining so for twenty years, under the rule of Dong Young Sung.

Under Frontist leadership, Deulatoji managed to join the Eternal Harmony and Empire Magnificent of Sekowo, and had a limited participation in the Great Sekowian War. The destruction of the Second Sekowan Empire meant that the Zenshō Socialist regime of Deulatoji was forced to pay the full cost of the missiles fired against its ships. This defeat, coupled with dissatisfaction caused by almost two decades of single-party rule and personality cult, and the rise of Welsh and Dranish political movements, determined the party to accept a certain degree of political pluralism. In September 2985 the rule of Dong Young Sung ended, as the country became a Parliamentary Republic named the Enlightened People's Republic of Deulatoji. In 3002, the Zenshō Socialist regime collapsed and the party was banned.


The Gao-Syowa Jegug-ui Hyeogmyeong Jeonseon was a Zenshō Socialist party, and as such shared the major principles of that ideology. The party supported a socialist state of monks, peasants, and workers, with the provision of most basic needs to the entire population. The party strongly supported the enforcement of traditional Daenic and Jienist morality, and it was also very strongly anti-Western. For the Front, Dovani was dominated by Western Imperialist states, and it believed that Zenshō Socialism and Pan-Dovanism could offer resistance against the West.

The political positions of the Gao-Showa Imperial Revolutionary Front

Party OfficialsEdit


Dong Young Sung: 2963-2985

Yi Esteban: 2985-3002

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