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Gasper logo.png
Type Publicly traded (Società per azioni)
Traded as RISE: GSP
Industry Oil and Gas
Founded May 5060
Headquarters Piazzale dei Grandi Laghi 2, Gelamia, Istalia
Area served Worldwide
Products Petroleum, natural gas, petroleum products
Services Gas pipeline transport, Technical assistance and advice
Owners Enist (25%), Monte dei Marchesi di Silicia (9%), Banca Popolare Sarrentina (7%), Other shareholders
Employees ~ 79.700

Gasper (acronym for Gas Perartico, in Luthorian Perartic Gas) is an Istalian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Gelamia.
Founded in the Community of Quanzar, one of the two constituent republics of the Union of Quanzar and Alaria, by a consortium of energy companies aimed to responde to the aim by part of Quanzar local government to resume the prospecting operations in the Perarctic Ocean and exploiting its gas field. It has become since the beginning of 52th century a major multinational oil and gas company active also outside Istalia. Enist is the largest shareholder of Gasper, followed by two major Istalian banks, which together control 41% of the shares. The rest of them are controlled by other numberous private actors like other energy companies, financial institutions, investment funds, etc…


Since the 50's of 51th century, the Community of Quanzar opted for natural gas as its primary source of energy and thus began to put in place resources and investments to develop the relative industrial sector and market. Quanzar was primary interested in exploiting the gas resources of the Perartic Ocean, explored and exploited previously by Enist but which still had enormous possibilities of exploitation. For this reason the Quanzar government launched a public tender to identify a company to which contract the prospecting operations in the Ocean in search of new natural gas fields.

Initially, several domestic energy companies such as Enist (once the largest energetic company in Istalia and among the most important multinationals in the sector but which, following the decline of the furtures of the country in the previous century, had progressively contracted to the national market only), E-Futura, Verigas and others hoped to be able to win alone the tender but confronted with the requests and ambitious projects of the authorities, in light of the economic and technical conditions of these companies, Enist took the initiative to create an entrepreneurial consortium formed by private investors and energy companies from all over the country which led to the creation of the company Gasper in May 5060.

The new company incorporated the natural gas division of Enist which, although almost inactive for many decades, still possessed all the knowledge and specifications collected in the past relating to the Perarctic Ocean and therefore to the oil and natural gas fields present there.
The new company then began hiring numerous experts in the sector from abroad until it was able to meet the requests of the Quanzar government. A further factor that shifted the balance in favor of Gasper was the presence among investors of two of the country's longest-running and most renowned banking groups, Monte dei Marchesi di Silicia and Banca Popolare Sarrentina (the latter heir of the Banca Popolare di Verunia).

Thanks to private investments and public funds insured to the sector, Gasper was able to field two hydrogeological prospecting vessels, or drillships, one purchased and the other leased. With this first equipment the company was able to began the first prospecting operations in perarctic waters already in the middle of 5061.[1] Since then, once identified the first gas field where to instal its first drilling platforms, the company fully began its commercial operatons. In the following years the company became the major gas company of Istalia, acquiring an high degree of know-how in the sector which allowed to Gasper in the following decades to expand its operations outside Istalia, offering also technical assistance and advice.