Prokuratura Generalna
General Prosecutor's Office
Formed October 4244
Employees 21.000
Subordinate to Government of Valruzia
Ministry of Justice
Legal Personality Governmental Agency
GPO Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction of the Prokuratura Generalna
Constituiong Instruments Constitution of the Republic of Valruzia
Slogan Bona fides, bonum commune!
Good faith, common good!
Profile • Law Enforcement
• Investigative Agency
• Prosecution Agency
Headquarters Nowogard
Ministry Responsible Ministry of Justice
General Prosecutor Minister of Justice
Website www.prokuratura-generalna.wr

The General Prosecutor's Office (Valruzian: Prokuratura Generalna, PG) commonly refferd to as just Prokuratura or PG is the highest prosecution authority within the Republic of Valruzia. While the Police (Policja) is obliged to investigate every single crime, it is the Prosecutor's Office which examines all the evidence gathered by the Police and based on the examination it decides whether to proceed and indict the accused or to halt the investigation. The General Prosecutor's Office in theroy is expected to examine every potential law infrigement as soon as it learns that a criminal offence may have been committed. The General Prosecutor's position is unified with the position of Minister of Justice. It means that from the moment an indiviaual is sworn in as Minister of Justice is ex offico sworn in as General Prosecutor of Valruzia.


Valruzian General Prosecutor's Office is the supreme authority within the prosecution and investigative branch of law enforcement. General Prosecutor has its headquarters in Nowogard. General Prosecutor supported by Voivodeship Prosecutors and County Prosecutors which are PG's direct subordinates and are nominated by the PG and appointed by the President. Voivodeship Prosecutors have their headquarters in voivodeships' capital cities and respectively the County Prosecutors have their HQs in counties' capital cities. County Prosecutors are are directly subordiante to Voivodeship Prosecutors as the Prosecution Offices in Valruzia have a simple vertical hierachy of authority.


One of the fundamental tasks of the Prosecutor's Office within Valruzia is uphold the rule of law within the Republic and to ensure that individuals who have perpatrated a crime are prosecuted. The main tasks of the General Prosecutor's Office (which are also the tasks of its subordiates) are:

• Prosecution of criminals.
• Conducting of the preliminary investigation in criminal proceedings.
• Representation of the State as the Public Prosecutors before the courts.
• Bringing action in criminal and civil proceedings.
• Supervision over the correctness of the execution of sentences.
• Cooperation with other State's institutions (Police, Customs Office, Border Patrol etc.) and agencies in order to prevent criminality and deliquency.
• Pronouncing non-binding judgements on new normative acts passed by the Sejm of the Republic of Valruzia.
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