Landscape of Genevia
Country Istalia
Region Padagna
Government Mayor–council
  Governing body City Council
  Mayor (Sindaco) Stefano Costa (4606)
  Ruling party(s) Left Bloc
Area 47 km²
Population 1,985,124

Genevia, is a city of the Istalian region of Padagna.


Ancient HistoryEdit

Genevia was founded by refugees from the countryside escaping the Ayyadan invasions of the 3rd century CE. The first development of the city happened thanks to the Augustan dominion which here improved the capacity of the port and for a brief period the city was also the headquarter of the Augustan authorities.

In the early medieval period the city gained independency and developed a large merchantile networks becoming one of the Merchant Republics. The Ahmadi invasions, however, represented the end of the ambitions of Genevia: the city was almost destroyed due to its long resistance against the Ahmadi forces.

Modern and recent historyEdit

When the Ahmadi dominion ended in Istalia, the city fell under the control of the Kingdom of Tulino and then it became the last refuge of the last Kings when the Kingdom of Fidelia conquered the northern realms of the mainland. The Kings of Tulino remained in the city as their Dukes until the city fell under the Empire of Quanzar.

Under the Quanzars the city port began to grow again with the traffic with Solentia and Kalopia and hosted also a large fleet of the Empire. During 19th century, like most part of the northern centers of Istalia, Genevia experienced the industrial revolution the area between Genevia, Milona and Vinesia became known as the Industrial Triangle. Until today the city maintained its industrial vocation.



The local form of government of the city follow the model of the mayor–council government system, with a mayor (Istalian: Sindaco) elected by voters, and a unicameral council as the legislative branch (Istalian: Consiglio). To the mayor is given almost total administrative authority and a clear, wide range of political independence, with the power to appoint and dismiss department heads and furthermore he prepares and administers the city budget, although most part of the decisions must be approved by the council.

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