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Genzid Caliphate
Genzijék Kali'fàstat

Jelbic caliphate peace flag.png              Caliphate seal.png

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Capital                     Varishehr
Languages             Brmek (official)
Demonym                Barmenian
Government           Theocratic monarchy
First                           Abdlmecid
Grand Vizier
First                           Isa Íljasrmko Mardoh
Legislature             Jezmeclis (Supreme Assembly)
Area                          856,800 km²
Population                 99,761,100
Currency                 Barmenistan (BAR)

The Genzid Caliphate (Brmék: غنزيك كٵلثستٵت Genzijék Kali'fàstat) was the official name of Barmenistan under self-proclaimed Caliph Abdlmecid. The Caliphate was founded when Barmenistan seceded from the Jelbic Khaganate after Viceroy Abdlmecid Ám'ádsrmko Kamék was proclaimed Caliph of all Ahmadism, renouncing his submission to the Hosian Khagan and declaring war on the Khaganate during the Jelbic War. As a result of a temporary alliance with Zardugal the Khaganate was forced to recognize Barmenistan's independence in July 3814.

Eager to establish its legitimacy over Barmenistan and to find a source to recover its massive war debt, the Caliphate adopted the controversial decision to expel the remaining Felinists and confiscate their property, sparking the Barmenian Refugee Crisis. In February 3818 Caliph Abdlmecid signed the Edict of Expulsion, ordering all crypto-Felinists to leave Barmenia within a year with all those remaining in the nation after the deadline to be executed or enslaved, and mandating the forfeiture of all properties they left behind.. As Felinists had lost most of their political and economic heft in Barmenistan during Jelbic rule, they had no means to resist, so the exodus of Barmenian Felinists began long before the deadline mandated by the Edict. The fleeing Felinists started flowing towards two main destinations, namely Pontesi and Selucia; it is estimated that more than ten million Barmenians left the country within a year. The Caliphate, although it managed to repay its war debt, had its economy crippled by the large loss in workforce, and the Ahmadi government was soon overthrown. Caliph Abdlmecid was overthrown and executed in 3820, plunging the nation into chaos.


War flag of the Caliphate

The Caliphate continued the system of confessionalism established by the previous regime, and the system of autonomy for confessional communities was reaffirmed and expanded, with the provision that the Ahmadi community was granted a superior status. Each religious community, known as a Kns ("nation"), was headed by a Knsbék, the traditional head of the community. Additionally, as a result of the alliance with Zardugal during the Jelbic War, the latter gained the right to represent and protect the Terran Patriarchal minority in Barmenistan.

Barmenistan was governed under a theocratic monarchy as an Israi Ahmadi Caliphate. According to Israi belief, the Caliph has to belong to Prophet Ahmad's Kamék clan, and Caliph Abdlmecid belonged to the Genzid family of the clan, founded by Ahmad's uncle Genzi. Previous Barmenian Caliphs belonged to the Bunjamínid family of the same clan, founded by Ahmad's brother Bunjamín.

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