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Endralon sharing its water borders with the Unholy Sea in the north, and the Artanian Sea in the east and south, and sharing its land border with Kundrati, to the west. It has a distinctive 'horn' shape.


The Vörös Mountain and the Dáma and Besplatno rivers

Endralon is a 'horn' shape country with a great mountain range in it's middle. There is three geographical region of Endralon, the Unholy Land (syldavian: Szentségtelen Föld) in the north, named after the Unholy Sea; the Mountains (syldavian: Hegyvidék) in the middle, named after the Vörös Mountain; and the Artanian Land (syldavian: Artániai Föld) in the south, named after the Artanian Sea.

The Unholy Land[]

This region is the northern part of Endralon. Kundár-Nova Zergonska, Zergon and Alt-Ginbár is the part of it. It's have ocean climate, with a lot of rain. It is a lowland, with greater or lesser hills. It's have four metropolises, Újmakon, Kispilgon, Zaošuma and Kundarváros. The Unholy Land have a lot of forests, the logging is the most important industry in this region. The ports and the fishing is also important here, but the logging produces more.

The Mountains[]

This region is the middle of Endralon. It affects the whole country, all the five Republican Cantons, but just in a tiny mode, except Zergon. This is a mountain range, called Vörös Mountain. It's have mountain climate. The highest point of the Mountains is 6987 meter. There is two important cities in this region, Tölgyföld in the west and Sziklafok in the east. This is two mining centre. The mining is the most important industry in this region. There is no other industry.

The Artanian Land[]

This region is the southern part of Endralon. Hugalon, Kundár-Nova Zegonska and Efínia is the part of it. It's have mediterranean climate with dry summers. It's have two great rivers, the Dáma in the west and the Besplatno in the east. It is a lowland with lesser hills. There is three metropolises here, Hugamest, Jamazmaj, Régiházikó. The most important industry in here the Shipbuilding Industry, the Aircraft Manufacturing and the ports. It is the largest geographical region of Endralon.


In the 47th and the 48th centuries there was a global geographical change in Endralon. The previous highly varied geography was change to a dipole one. There is a pole what contain metropolises without forests, fields or environmental parks, this is the Urban Land (syldavian: Városföld); there is an another too what contain villages, small towns and farms with environmental diversity, this is the Rural Land (syldavian: Vidék).

The Urban Land[]

Typical Urban Land landscape

This pole is the umbrella term of that areas what dominated by the metropolises. In Urban Land, the Education is higher, the percent of that people who went to university is 40%. The people living better here, because the high salaries and large consumer supply. However the expected lifetime is about 60 years because the factories, the cars and the narrow. Usually in the metropolises there is a downtown with great bustle and bubbly life and there is the suburbs with factories, workers. In Urban Land, the people usually morally progressive, permissive and economical left-wing or socialist especially the citizens of the suburbs.

The Rural Land[]

Typical Rural Land landscape

This pole is the umbrella term of that areas what dominated by the nature or small towns and villages. The percent of that people who have a kind of profession is 60%, they majority's have a profession what affects the nature. The people in the Country organised small towns, villages or farms. In small towns, the people live like in the metropolises except the large area and the bubbly downtown. In the villages, the people have a house (usually a house-for-life) and a garden and they work in that garden as a retailer. In farms the people live like in the villages, except the civilization; they live far from metropolises, towns or villages, with a grand house-for-life and with a great garden. In Rural Land, the people usually morally conservative, restrictive and economical protectionist especially the citizens of the villages and farms.

Administrative Units[]

Republican Cantons[]

The Directorial Republic has five larger Republican Cantons what have medium autonomy with own governor called Mayor Director (Syldavian: Polgármesteri Direktor) and with own legislature called Canton Senate (Syldavian: Kantonszenátus), both institutions are elected in the same time with federal elections, by the citizens of the Cantons directly. These institutions can decide on internal issues of the Cantons, but the federal government and federal laws has large authority on them.The Canton Senates containing 50 Canton Senators, and only Canton Senators could be Head of Directions.

Some districts are a place for an ethnic group, like Zergon is for the Zergonese population, or Hugalon for the remained Hugalonese population what remained after the Hugalonese Genocide in the Second Endralonian Civil War, however there is nothing regulation to regulate the ethnic composition of a Republican Canton or any other Endralonian place.


Canton's flag Canton Canton's Capital Population Area
Alt-Ginbár Újmakon 14 296 697 180 960 km2
Efínia Régiházikó 14 296 696 180 960 km2
Hugalon Hugamest 14 296 697 180 960 km2
NewflagofKundar-Nova Zergonska.png
Kundár-Nova Zergonska Kundarváros 14 296 696 180 960 km2
Zergon Zaošuma 14 296 697 180 960 km2

Directions []


All Republican Cantons has some Directions (Syldavian: Direkciók), what are smaller administrative units than the Republican Cantons, but larger than cities. All Directions has a Head of Direction (Syldavian: Direkciófő) as the executive head of it and also the member of the Canton Senate of its Republican Canton, and a 20-member Directional Representative Body (Syldavian: Direkciós Képviselőtestület) as the elected legislature of the Direction. The directional self-governments has no large authority over the cities, but still has important tasks, including responsibility for directional affairs, inspecting the self-governments of the cities, managing the directional budget.


In Endralon, a city refers simply to any settlement that is exceptionally large in either area or population.

Yellow: Capital City Green: Canton Capital Blue: Average City

City District Description
Felfedezőtábor Alt-Ginbár Small town; formerly suburb-village of Mártírváros, important logging centre
Mártírváros Alt-Ginbár The venue of the Battle of Mártírváros; country-town with several suburb-villages
Újmakon Alt-Ginbár Built in around the 6th century; ex-capital of Endralon and the largest city, important metropolis and economic centre, canton capital
Sziklafok Alt-Ginbár Small town in the Vörös Mountain, important tourist and mining centre
Hugamest Hugalon Built in the 47th century; the capital city of Endralon, one of the largest metropolises, economic-cultural-political centre and canton capital too
Homokváros Hugalon The venue of the Battle of Homokváros; neighbor-city of Hugamest with several factories in it's suburbs, important industrial centre
Krokar Polje Hugalon Transport hub, closest endralonese city to Kundrati border; small town with zergonese majority
Jamazmaj Hugalon Port-city, metropolis during build
Hattyútó Efínia Oldest port of Endralon, important tourist and economic centre
Régiházikó Efínia Canton capital, one of the largest metropolises, ex-capital of Endralon, important industrial centre with a lot of factories
Kobolmocs Efínia The venue of the Battle of Kobolmocs; important scientific centre, the centre of the ESR, the Endralonese Space Researching
Halkikötő Efínia Port and small town; liked tourist place
Zaošuma Zergon Canton capital, the most important city and metropolis of the zergonese minority
Maloselo Zergon Country-town with suburb-villages, the most important zergonese historical memory the centre of the ancient zergonese tribes
Sjevobala Zergon The historical centre of the House of Syldavia, known as Fort Duklja, now important tourist centre
Crndvorac Zergon Important industrial city with a lot of Aircraft Manufacturing
Kundarváros Kundár-Nova Zergonska Canton capital, larger metropolis, important cultural centre
Határok Kundár-Nova Zergonska Important port, the centre of the Shipbuilding Industry in Endralon
Tölgyföld Kundár-Nova Zergonska Small town in the Vörös Mountain, mining center
Kispilgon Kundár-Nova Zergonska Important metropolis, ex-capital of Endralon, important political centre
Syldavia.png Directorial Republic of Endralon
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